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1 Posting, 3589 Tage lubriZahlen

27.01.15 23:28
Gibt es schon Neuigkeiten? Heute wurden mit verspätung die Zahlen veröffentlicht  

3674 Postings, 5535 Tage karassPetrobras auf einen Blick

29.01.15 16:45

2063 Postings, 4080 Tage nice guy...

30.01.15 20:26
Petrobras (PBR.A) Stock Falls Today Following New Investment Plan Announcement

Petrobras Shares Could 'More Than Double' by 2018: Barclays Analyst


90 Postings, 4817 Tage N.Holgerson73nicht schön, aber muss man durch.

04.02.15 10:20
Allerdings machen die derzeitigen Sprünge von unter 3€ und wieder hoch, einige Lust zum traden. Schaue mir das mal genauer an.  

2063 Postings, 4080 Tage nice guyPBR - JUNK

28.02.15 23:55

Diese Woche wieder mal paar Stücke eingesammelt da ich auf "JUNK" stehe ... laugthing

Petrobras downgraded to junk status by Moody’s


2063 Postings, 4080 Tage nice guyPBR divest assets !

04.03.15 19:23
Petrobras to divest $13.7bn assets in two years

Petrobras plans to sell assets in exploration and production (30%), downstream (30%) and gas and energy (40%) segments.

The move comes after credit agencies have cut down the company's rating due to a corruption scandal involving Petrobras executives.

Petrobras plans to sell assets in exploration and production (30%), downstream (30%) and gas and energy (40%) segments.

Petróleo Brasileiro (Petrobras) is planning to divest approximately $13.7bn worth in assets in two years, to reduce its debt.


90 Postings, 4817 Tage N.Holgerson73nur an wen ?

05.03.15 16:22
Eigentlich hatte die Nationale Energieagentur ANP erwartet, dass sich rund 40 Ölkonzerne aus der ganzen Welt an der Versteigerung beteiligen würden. Der Bieterwettbewerb aber blieb aus.

Tja, die  Shell und  Total (je 20 Prozent) veräußern auch Beteiligungen/ Stantorte, bleibt die chinesische CNPC und CNOOC  

90 Postings, 4817 Tage N.Holgerson73noch besser

06.03.15 12:15
Korruptionsvorwürfe sorgen dafür, dass das Unternehmen seine Zahlen nur mit großer Verzögerung liefert. Würde Petrobras beispielsweise seine Jahreszahlen nicht bis Ende Juni veröffentlichen, können Gläubiger ihre Anleihen kündigen. 50 Milliarden Dollar würden dann fällig werden. Im besten Fall steht dann eine massive Kapitalerhöhung an und somit eine Verwässerung für Altaktionäre. Im schlechtesten Fall könnte Petrobras sogar verstaatlicht werden. LA  06.03.2015  

2063 Postings, 4080 Tage nice guy...

17.03.15 19:23

(Reuters) - State-controlled Petróleo Brasileiro SA has hired Itaú BBA SA to handle the sale of gasoline stations and assets in the natural gas distribution sector, as the company seeks to raise $13.7 billion from the disposal of non-core assets, a source with knowledge of the matter said on Tuesday.

Itaú BBA will help Petrobras fully or partially exit the natural gas distribution sector and sell hundreds of gasoline stations it owns in Argentina, Colombia, Paraguay and Uruguay, said the source, who requested anonymity since the arrangement has not been made public.

Asset sales became imperative for Petrobras after Moody's Investors Service stripped the company of its investment-grade rating and warned that further cuts are possible.


5245 Postings, 4676 Tage Der_HeldKooperation mit China Development Bank

03.04.15 12:00

Rio de Janeiro, April 1, 2015 – Petróleo Brasileiro S.A. – Petrobras announces that it has executed today with China Development Bank Corporation – CDB the first Facility Agreement of a cooperation arrangement to be implemented during 2015 and 2016. The Agreement is being executed in China, during Petrobras CFO visit, Ivan Monteiro.

This contract represents a US$ 3.5 billion facility agreement, to be withdrawn by Petrobras Global Trading BV – PGT, Petrobras’ subsidiary. In addition, the parties confirmed the intention of developing new cooperation in the near future.

The Facility Agreement is an important milestone to develop further the strategic partnership between CDB and Petrobras targeting to enhance the synergy between the economies of both countries.


2063 Postings, 4080 Tage nice guy...

13.04.15 17:54
Petrobras shares jump on report of plans to sell Braskem stake

(Reuters) - Shares in Brazil's Petrobras rose 6 percent on Monday after local media reported that the state-run oil company plans to sell a stake in petrochemicals firm Braskem SA for around 2.8 billion reais ($903 million).;feedName=companyNews


2063 Postings, 4080 Tage nice guy# 83

14.04.15 18:50
Petrobras gains on plans to release audit earnings, BofA upgrade to Buy

Petrobras (PBR +1.7%) is higher after disclosing that it plans torelease its long-delayed 2014 audited earnings on April 22, which prompts BofA Merrill to upgrade shares to Buy from Neutral.

...the release of financial statements would prevent the Brazilian state-run oil company from a technical default on its debt...


56 Postings, 3773 Tage GastuserBank of America stuft PBR von Neutral auf Kaufen

18.04.15 21:47

2063 Postings, 4080 Tage nice guy...

24.04.15 15:47

Shell may buy Petrobas assets put up for sale after Scandal - Reuters


2063 Postings, 4080 Tage nice guy...

24.04.15 15:55

Auch sehr wichtig :

Petróleo Brasileiro SA Chief Financial Officer Ivan Monteiro said the Brazilian oil company will consider “any opportunity” to raise cash at a competitive cost in debt markets as early as this year but sees “zero” chance of issuing new shares.


2063 Postings, 4080 Tage nice guy...

26.04.15 16:20

Petroleo Brasileiro Petrobras is considering the possibility of an IPO for its stake in energy assets, in a bid to shore up its dwindling financial position.



2063 Postings, 4080 Tage nice guy...

05.05.15 21:00

Petrobras (PBR) Stock Higher on Possible Changes to Brazil's Oil Rules

Brazil energy minister Eduardo Braga said the government is in talks to change its oil regulations, but new rules would take effect after the October auction of exploration and production concessions, Reuters added.

Brazil's government is also discussing a 2010 law requiring Petrobras to be the operator and own a minimum of a 30% stake in all new exploration and development in an offshore region known as the Subsalt Polygo, Reuters noted.

Last week, Vale (VALE) CEO Murilo Ferreira became chairman of the beleaguered state-owned energy company.

Na endlich bewegt sich da was cool


856 Postings, 5540 Tage RobinWWTI will rise

06.05.15 07:03
My Newest Predictions for Oil Prices
Dr. Kent Moors

Expectations are changing. The support for slowly rising prices is being built in.

Don’t expect a frantic run to triple-digit-per-barrel prices. But I’ve got a revised estimate.

Previously, my estimate for West Texas Intermediate (WTI, the New York crude oil futures contract benchmark) had been $60-$65 and $70-$75. For Dated Brent (the London benchmark), I gave $70-$73 and $78-$82. Brent is the more widely used benchmark internationally and is more sensitive to international unrest (such as the Arab Spring II underway in the Middle East). It trades as a premium to WTI.

But now I am predicting that WTI should be $65-$68 per barrel by the end of July and $73-$78 by the end of 2015. Brent should come in at $75-$78 for July and $82-$85 by December 31.

Now, it is not necessary for these prices to rise quickly for us to make some nice money by investing in selected stocks. As I told my Energy Inner Circle members this morning, there are currently 27 stocks on my tracking and trigger lists that are up double digits for the month.

Oil’s trajectory is shaping up to be in a “ratcheting” pattern. This is the term I have used for years when referring to a pricing adjustment that is moving up overall but with intermittent declines and bouts with volatility.

Crude prices are rising, albeit along this restrained path. That’s fine with us. A stable rise is always a good way to make money.  
Angehängte Grafik:
declining-rigs-vs-rising-production.jpg (verkleinert auf 92%) vergrößern

2063 Postings, 4080 Tage nice guy...

10.05.15 19:18
Petrobras says it plans lawsuits to recoup $440 mln in graft

May 8 Brazil's state-run oil company Petroleo Brasileiro SA plans to sue five construction and engineering firms and their senior executives to recover about 1.3 billion reais ($440 million) lost in a corruption scandal, the company said Friday.

"In addition to these suits there will be other suits against other companies and other contracts in concert with advancing investigations," she said.

The lawsuits will be part of a plan to win back at least 6 billion reais ($2 billion) written off against Petrobras' 2014 earnings.;feedName=companyNews


2063 Postings, 4080 Tage nice guyPetrobas posts Q.1 profit

16.05.15 13:56

Petrobras erholt sich von Skandal

Rio de Janeiro

Der von einem Korruptionsskandal erschütterte brasilianische Ölkonzern Petrobras kommt langsam wieder auf die Beine. Das staatseigene Unternehmen wies am Freitag für das abgelaufene Quartal einen überraschend hohen Gewinn aus.

Nachdem im Schlussvierteljahr 2014 noch einen Rekordverlust von fast neun Milliarden Dollar angefallen war, stand nun ein Überschuss von 1,8 Milliarden Dollar zu Buche. „Das Ergebnis war sehr positiv“, erklärte Finanzchef Ivan Monteiro....

Die Meldung kam nach Börsenschluß !

Da bin ich ja mal gespannt was die nächsten Monate bringen,

besonderst wenn der Ölpreis weiter steigt.


242 Postings, 4810 Tage weimarsgoetheEin sehr interessanter Aspekt

18.05.15 09:29
Ölpreis und Gewinn

Gewinne sind immer gut ... und die sollten wir nun laufen lassen.
Ich hoffe, dass die lange Durststrecke nun vorbei geht.  

2063 Postings, 4080 Tage nice guy...

19.05.15 11:48
Brazil's Petrobras expects stable fuel imports in Q2 on biofuel use

Brazilian state-led oil company Petrobras expects second-quarter fuel imports to stabilize at first-quarter levels due to greater use of biofuels....

In Q1, imports of oil products fell 19% on the year to 345,000 b/d, Petrobras said....

Imports are lower because of sluggish economic activity in Latin America's largest economy and increased use of biofuels

"The trend for gasoline imports is expected to continue to fall because of the increased consumption of ethanol, but it will also depend on consumers' appetite for buying ethanol,"

The increase in biodiesel mandate is also reducing the need for diesel imports to power Brazil's massive agriculture sector...

Reduced imports should have a positive affect on Petrobras' balance sheet.

Petrobras' refining division lost more than $20 billion in 2011-2014 because it subsidized fuel imports for the government, which is the company's controlling shareholder.


The new Refinaria do Nordeste, or RNEST, is also still running at reduced capacity as the company awaits bids to install anti-air-pollution equipment at the new processing unit...

Petrobras needs to complete installation of the so-called SNOX unit, which removes sulfur, nitrogen and other oxides.

RNEST's first processing train has installed capacity to produce 115,000 b/d of refined products.

A decision on completion of the second 115,000 b/d processing train, which would bring RNEST's capacity to 230,000 b/d, will be announced when Petrobras completes work on its 2015-2019 investment plan in thefirst half of June, Ramos said.

Rnest is a key cog in Petrobras' efforts to reduce imports, especially of diesel and gasoline. About 70% of RNEST's 230,000 b/d capacity will be diesel.

Petrobras had estimated that imports would drop by 100,000 b/d when the refinery reached full capacity.

Jeden Liter Öl den die weniger importieren müßen, bedeutet mehr Geld für Petrobas.

Und wenn die beiden Anlagen mal mit voller Leistung produzieren, wird sich das sehr stark

auf den Gewinn auswirken.

Könnte passieren daß PBR für 2015 sogar eine Divi zahlt.

Ich mußte lachen daß gleich nach der positiven Meldung am Freitag Abend nach Börsenschluß ,

Goldman dann am Montag Petrobas downgeraded hat :

Die Aktie könnte 50 % an Wert verlieren.

Na, hat da jemand den Einstieg verpasst ? laugthing

Für mich nur ein weiterer Grund die Aktie zu halten !

(Wie immer keine Kauf / Verkauf Empfehlung !)


19 Postings, 5104 Tage damgrgdanke Nice Guy

19.05.15 12:03
Die Links und Beiträge sind immer sehr interessant und konstruktiv...

Weiter so.

Gibt es eine Information, wieviel Prozent seiner Assets PB verkaufen musste im Zuge der Skandale und Verluste, die er gemacht hat?


2063 Postings, 4080 Tage nice guy...

19.05.15 14:03

@ damgrg

Hi, lese mal den post : #81

Wo und wieviel von was bereits verkauft wurde weiß ich nicht genau.

Weiß nur daß die ihre pre-salt Vorkommen weiter ausbauen wollen,

die südlich vor der bras. Küste liegen und wo geschätzte 50 Milliarden barrel

drauf warten gefördert zu werden.

Auch lesenswert diese Pressekonferenz von gestern, wo alle wichtigen Köpfe von Petrobas

verteten waren um Fragen von Analysten zu beantworteten :

....between 2010 and 2014, we’ve had a reduction of 54% in the time needed for well drilling and completion.....

.....we see the lifting cost, $9 per barrel in the pre-salt layer, way below Petrobras’ average and again below the average of other world-class producers, about $15....

....As you can see, in 2012, we were able to interconnect 42 wells. In 2014, we doubled the number. And now in 2015, in the first quarter, we were able to interconnect 22 wells, 14 producing wells and 8 wells. And we will interconnect another 47 until December, adding up to 69 wells interconnected in 2015....

Operating highlights in this quarter, our total oil and natural gas production reached 2.8 million boed, 11% therefore higher than the average in the first quarter 2014. Let me also highlight,our pre-salt layer production in March reached a record level of 672,000 bpd. But in April, we hit a new record, 715,000 barrels per day.


2063 Postings, 4080 Tage nice guyGoldman sucks !

20.05.15 01:39
Tuesday, May 19, 2015
Petrobras secures US$7bn China financing deal

Brazil's state-run oil company Petrobras secured US$7bn in financing from China as part of a raft of economic cooperation deals struck by the countries on Tuesday.

Brazilian President Dilma Rousseff and Chinese premier Li Keqiang signed 35 agreements worth more than US$53bn during a ceremony in Brasília.

Eine gute Nachricht jagt die nächste...

und weil Goldman am Montag sagte daß Petrobas um 50 % einbrechen könnte,

investieren die Chinesen am Dienstag dick in Brasilien laugthinglaugthinglaugthing


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