Corona... ein Vogelsch.... der Börsengeschichte?

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1634 Postings, 1864 Tage MrTrillionWarren Buffet: You didn't have to worry...

31.01.21 18:40
Ab 3:35 kommt's:

"The best single thing you could have done on March 11, 1942 when I bought my first stock was just buy an index fund and ... never look at a headline, never think about stocks anymore, just like you would do if you bought a farm. You just buy the farm or let the tenant farmer run it for you. And I pointed out that if you 10.000 USD in an index fund that reinvsted dividends and I paused for a moment to let the audience try and guess how much it amount to and it would come to 51 million USD now and the only thing you had to really believe in then is that America would win the war and that America would progress as it has ever since 1776 and that American business - if America moved forward - American business would move forward. You didn't have to worry about what stock to buy, you didn't have to worry one day to get in and out, you didn't - you didn't know the Federal Reserve would exist whatever it might be.. and ah....

... America works..."  

1634 Postings, 1864 Tage MrTrillionSchaubild: Dow Jones 1896-2016

14.02.21 14:38

Ich bleibe dabei: Corona wird als Vogelsch... auf solchen Schaubildern eingehen.


4392 Postings, 1061 Tage MrTrillion3C. Munger: Corona wird in einem Jahr unbedeutend

10.11.22 22:04
Tja... von China abgesehen, scheint Charlie mal wieder den richtigen Riecher gehabt zu  haben.  

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