QIWI-elektronisches Bezahlsystem in Russland

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71562 Postings, 8120 Tage KickyQIWI-elektronisches Bezahlsystem in Russland

21.11.13 14:21
da sich bisher keiner des Themas angenommen hat, hier ein Hinweis ,nachdem sie auf meiner Watchlist schon seit Tagen steigt
November 20, 2013,
JP Morgan hat das Kursziel auf $50 angehoben
Electronic payment services provider Qiwi (QIWI) is a play on the development of e-commerce in Russia. This stock has gained 163% over its IPO price in May.

J.P. Morgan says there is more upside, having just raised its target price from $40 to $50. Qiwi is trading at $44.7 at the open today.

For the third quarter, the number of active wallets grew 53% year-on-year and the adjusted net yield increased to 0.98% from 0.83% a year ago. As a result, the broker now expects the e-wallet division to account for 2/3 of the company"s total revenue by 2016, up from 30% in 2012 and 7% in 2009. Here are analysts Alexei Gogolev, Tien-tsin Huang, and Reginald L. Smith:
Improving net revenue mix will likely be driven by rising number of wallets on Qiwi"s network as well as the increase of the average activity/payment volume on the wallet. We estimate that the number of wallets on the Qiwi network will more than double reaching 23 mn on our estimates already by 2016E from 11.4 mn at the end of 2012.

The management raised its fiscal year 2013 revenue growth guidance to 42-45% range, versus 27-30% before – the second time this year. But J.P. Morgan thinks this guidance may still be too conservative because of the e-wallet growth. The broker increased their EPS estimates for 2013-2015 by 11-19%.

The new target price implies 27 times the broker"s estimated 2014 earnings.


71562 Postings, 8120 Tage KickyZacks nimmt QIWI auf Rank1 strong buy

22.11.13 13:40

71562 Postings, 8120 Tage KickyGoldman Sachs mit Kursziel $70

22.11.13 17:19
In a report published Friday, Goldman Sachs analyst Dmitry Trembovolsky initiated a Buy rating on Qiwi (NASDAQ: QIWI [FREE Stock Trend Analysis]) and set a price target to $70.00.

In the report, Goldman Sachs says "Despite significant outperformance since its IPO, we still see upside in Qiwi. We believe Qiwi's earnings will exceed market expectations: our net income forecast for 2014-17 is 7%-13% above Bloomberg consensus. E-wallet will remain the biggest driver of this growth, supported by an increase in the number of active accounts (we expect 34 mn by 2017), payment volume (up to Rub1 tn) and net revenue yield (up to 126 bp including inactive fees). We also believe Qiwi's re-rating should continue, as its 2014-17E PEG ratio of 0.9x looks too low, given the company's first quartile industry positioning, 30%+ CROCI (2014-17E), 3.7% avg div yield (2013-15E), and M&A potential."

Qiwi closed on Thursday at $46.33.

Read more: http://www.benzinga.com/analyst-ratings/...amp;Fid=QIWI#ixzz2lOMlqJuM  

71562 Postings, 8120 Tage KickyDividende 32 cent/share am 3.12.

22.11.13 17:22
MOSCOW, Nov. 22, 2013 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- QIWI plc, (Nasdaq:QIWI) announced today that the record date for its recently declared dividend of $16,678,014.08 or 32 cents per share has been changed to December 2, 2013 from the previously announced date of November 29, 2013. The change assures the dividend record date is consistent with NASDAQ notice requirements. The dividend payment date remains December 3, 2013 as originally announced.

QIWI is a leading provider of next generation payment services in Russia and the CIS. It has an integrated proprietary network that enables payment services across physical, online and mobile channels. It has deployed approximately 15 million virtual wallets, over 167,000 kiosks and terminals, and enabled merchants to accept over RUB 47 billion cash and electronic payments monthly from over 60 million consumers using its network at least once a month. QIWI's consumers can use cash, stored value and other electronic payment methods to order and pay for goods and services across physical or online environments interchangeably.

71562 Postings, 8120 Tage KickyThis Russian Stock Still Has 35% Upside

06.12.13 13:16
Sometimes, great investments are found in the most unusual places.  Regions that most investors avoid -- due to fear, misinformation or a general lack of knowledge -- can harbor overlooked stock gems.  

One such location is Russia. This former Soviet state is home to an extremely successful company that investors everywhere should know about.

There is no question that the transition to a capitalistic society has been difficult for Russia. However, there are signs of improvement. According to research by Deloitte, private consumption expanded by over 6% in each of this year's first two quarters. A strong summer harvest has eased food prices, providing consumers greater discretionary income, and inflation has been slipping lower this year. In addition, retail sales climbed more than 4% in July from the same month last year.

Most interesting is the fact that the Bank of Russia is expected to continue a policy of interest rate cuts through 2014. Lower borrowing costs are one key factor in economic growth, and the Bank of Russia is on the right track in this regard.

Not only is the central bank staying with the policy of lowering interest rates, it's also clamping down on unfettered consumer lending policies. Annual interest rates as high as 60% for unsecured consumer loans are common in Russia. The Central Bank is combating this practice by requiring banks to set aside 300% of the loan's principal in a reserve fund. There is also talk of the Bank of Russia potentially setting a maximum rate for consumer loans and credit cards.

This increasingly consumer-friendly environment is what triggered my search for a consumer-oriented investment. I was amazed by the investment potential of one Moscow-based company in particular. This company operates electronic payment services and kiosks in the Russian Federation, Kazakhstan, Moldova, Belarus, Romania, the United Arab Emirates and even the United States. The share price has soared over 300% since June, and the uptrend shows no signs of ending.

Boasting the unusual name Qiwi (Nasdaq: QIWI), this company is among the largest providers of non-bank self-service payment locations in the former Soviet Republic.

Qiwi just reported third-quarter results, crushing estimates and adding fuel to the already sharp uptrend in price. In the third quarter, Qiwi's revenue was reported at more than $50 million, which beat the $40 million consensus estimate and was up nearly 50% from a year ago. Earnings per share jumped 39%, to $0.35, excluding certain items.

In addition, Qiwi lifted its expectations for full-year 2013: Revenue is forecast to rise 42% to 45%, compared with previous guidance of 27% to 30%, and adjusted net profits to rise 50% to 55%, revised upward from 35% to 40%. Qiwi also announced an annual dividend of nearly $17 million, or $0.32 per share, and said it intends to pay out all its excess cash as dividends.

These numbers are supported by the more than 60 million monthly customers who pay a small fee to use Qiwi's processing services. In addition, more than 54,000 merchants accept payments through the company's network. Helping to bolster confidence in this Russian company, Qiwi is collaborating with U.S. credit card behemoth Visa (NYSE: V) to offer the Visa Qiwi cellphone wallet.

QIWI's technical picture is a classic long-term uptrend on both the daily and weekly charts.------


71562 Postings, 8120 Tage KickyRecent IPO Qiwi Soars

14.12.13 13:14
The stock debuted May 3 at $17 and has risen rapidly, hitting a high of 50.65 on Nov. 22 before pulling back. It's 8% off the high and is extended from a rebound off its 10-week line. Investors should wait for the stock to shape a new base.

Qiwi, which ranks No. 2 in the IBD 50, charges a small fee to customers who deposit money into its kiosks to pay bills. Qiwi says more than 60 million consumers use its network of kiosks in Russia and neighboring countries at least once a month.

Meanwhile, Qiwi has teamed up with Visa to offer the Visa Qiwi Wallet, which allows customers to use their cellphones to pay bills or buy items online.

Qiwi's growth has been fueled by worries about credit card fraud in Russia, which has prompted more than 90% of Russians to pay bills or make purchases with cash, either by kiosk or by cellphone.

Profit for the current quarter ending this month is expected to jump 142% to 29 cents a share, building on gains ranging from 46% to 211% over the prior three quarters. Revenue growth has gone from 25% to 35% to 20% over the past three periods.

Qiwi boasts a best-possible 99 Composite and Earnings Per Share ratings. It's a top stock in the 25-member Finance-Credit Card/Payment Processor industry group....

Read More At Investor's Business Daily: http://news.investors.com/...with-russian-ecommerce.htm#ixzz2nS0VFkYw


71562 Postings, 8120 Tage KickyQiwi bricht aus

16.12.13 15:17
Despite a fairly directionless stock market, a few IBD 50 names put in strong performances Friday and, in at least one case, blew past a buy point in strong volume.

The breakout came courtesy of Qiwi (QIWI), a Cyprus-based company that operates a network of kiosks and terminals that facilitate money transfers. The company operates in Russia and former Soviet republics where consumers don't particularly trust banks. Transfers can be made manually at a kiosk, online or using a mobile device.

The stock is a new issue that came public May 3 at an offering price of 17. It broke out of an ascending base with a 50.75 buy point. It rose 2.46 Friday to at 52.12. Volume was 64% above average.

Read More At Investor's Business Daily: http://news.investors.com/investing-inside-the-50/...inds-support.htm

71562 Postings, 8120 Tage Kicky90Day Lockupfrist endet heute

16.12.13 15:36
Qiwi Plc (QIWI), an instant-payment operator that runs virtual wallets in collaboration with Visa (V) and operates cash-collection kiosks, is approaching the close of the 90 day lockup period following its secondary offering. On December 16th, substantial shares held by investment firms, directors, and executives will be unlocked for sale, likely leading to at least a brief decline in QIWI share pricing and presenting a shorting opportunity for aggressive investors........

Conclusion on this Financial Firm Share Unlocking

Many large investment firms have significant stakes in QIWI, and remain under pressure to return capital to their investors in the wake of the 2008 financial collapse. These firms may be likely to sell significant quantities of their shares at the end of the unlocking period. Some of the largest of these firms include Antana International Corporation, Saldivar Investments Limited, Mail.ru Group Ltd, and Mitsui & Co Ltd.

The millions of shares also held by Executives and Directors will also be unlocked, and though they are not under the same type of pressure to raise capital, many may sell in the interest of diversifying their profiles and for tax planning purposes.

The unlocking of a huge amount of shares provides aggressive investors with a shorting opportunity in December......


149 Postings, 3165 Tage Eco1So what...

16.12.13 18:39

Die Kommentare zum Artikel lassen m.M. noch einen Kauf auf dem Niveau durchaus noch zu.
Manchmal verhält sich dann wirklich so, dass man bei "gröberen" Rücksetzern kaufen will, diese aber bei so einer Aktie dann die nächsten Jahre doch nicht in dem Umfang eintreten und man immer und immer hinterher schaut...

So wart ich noch bis morgen um mit einer MINI-Posi einzusteigen.

Warum sollte sich diese Aktie nicht nochmals verdoppeln?

Was spricht dagegen?

Die russische Föderation ist groß und man hat ein bis maximal zwei Konkurrenten wenn ich das richtig gelesen habe und die Kooperation mit Visa scheint mehr und mehr zu fruchten (übrigens besteht auch eine a la homepage auch mit Mastercard).

Insofern führt der short-Artikel m.E. eineíge gute Punkte erst Recht zu einem Kauf, als für einen short auf.

Was meinst Du Kicky?

Bist Du noch drin?
Steigst Du noch ein?
Kaufst Du nach nach den Empfehlungen? (oder wollen die Emfehler, a la J.P.Morgan nach KZ-Anhebung selbst verkaufen?)

UND: wie/woher bist Du auf diese Aktie aufmerksam geworden?

Ich bin durch surfen auf yahoo darauf aufmerksam geworden, ansonsten beziehe ich den BB Motley Fool (mit Rule breakers und Supernova)


71562 Postings, 8120 Tage Kickyhab die auf der Watchlist

16.12.13 21:01
und warte auf eine Einstiegspunkt
ich bin durch Barrons Emerging Markets aufmerksam geworden s.oben
als ich das mit dem Auslaufen der Lockupfrist las,dachte ich schon ,da warte ich lieber .Irgendwo stand, die bringe demnächst den Report,der letzte war aber am 19.11..

Qiwi (QIWI) led the pack with a 7% surge. The provider of online payment systems to Russia's Internet was 10% above a 50.75 buy point in an ascending base.

Read More At Investor's Business Daily: http://news.investors.com/...cks-open-higher-monday.htm#ixzz2nfZRIfO2

der pusht die ja ordentlich :Qiwi on Fire

vielleicht kann ja jemand hier russisch:http://www.vedomosti.ru/tech/news/20220071/utroenie-qiwi

71562 Postings, 8120 Tage Kickydas letzte Mal als ich auf eine Aktie reinfiel

16.12.13 21:08
stieg die auch so schön und dann machten sie 350Millionen Kapitalerhöhung SFUN  

71562 Postings, 8120 Tage KickySouFun Closes$350 Million Convertible Senior Notes

18.12.13 13:29
announced the completion of its previously announced offering of US$350 million aggregate principal amount of convertible senior notes due 2018 (the "notes") on December 10, 2013.... The notes were offered to qualified institutional buyers  The notes will be convertible into SouFun's American depositary shares ("ADSs"), each representing as of the date of this press release one Class A ordinary share of the Company, HK$1.00 par value, at the option of the holders, ...
and represents an approximately 40% conversion premium over the closing trading price of the Company's ADSs on December 4, 2013, which was US$73.76 per ADS). The conversion rate is subject to adjustment upon the occurrence of certain events.

The notes will bear interest at a rate of 2.00% per year, payable semiannually in arrears on June 15 and December 15 ....http://quotes.freerealtime.com/dl/frt/N?NewsStory=1


71562 Postings, 8120 Tage Kickysorry

18.12.13 13:29
falscher Thread  

71562 Postings, 8120 Tage Kickywohl doch Lockupfrist beendet

18.12.13 19:37
minus 5,3% ist schon heftig  

71562 Postings, 8120 Tage KickyChart dazu

19.12.13 19:10

71562 Postings, 8120 Tage KickyHot Credit Card Stocks

23.12.13 19:14
IBD's Finance-Credit Card/Payment Processor industry group has been ringing up gains. Mutual fund managers and analysts think these stocks' run isn't done, but they see warning signs for some individual names.

The group ranked No. 14 out of 197 based on six-month price performance, going into Thursday. That was up from No. 34 eight weeks ago. The group had soared 335% over the past five years vs. 107% for the S&P 500.

Funds have played a key role in gains by the group's leaders, which in include FleetCor Technologies (FLT) and Qiwi (QIWI). Among top funds with stakes in leading credit card companies are $109 billion Fidelity Contrafund , $40 billion T. Rowe Price Growth Stock and $4.3 billion Oakmark Select ......

Read More At Investor's Business Daily: http://news.investors.com/investing-mutual-funds/...htm#ixzz2oK5qdjHD


71562 Postings, 8120 Tage KickyQiwi fällt 17% weil Russland neue Regeln f.Cross

15.01.14 17:55
Border Payments einführen will

Russia's Kommersant reported that the country is considering new regulations on cross-border payments, according to the flyonthewall website. The website cited a Bloomberg News report that Kommersant, referencing a draft of a new anti-terrorism law, "said the country may limit domestic payments using anonymous electronic wallets and ban cross-border payments using them."Reached by phone, a Qiwi executive declined to comment.

Read More At Investor's Business Daily: http://news.investors.com/technology/...regulations.htm#ixzz2qUG3HELE


71562 Postings, 8120 Tage KickyQIWI to Announce First Quarter 2014 May 21st

13.05.14 21:18

71562 Postings, 8120 Tage KickyQiwi 32cent Dividende ,Kapitalerhöhung

10.06.14 15:15

71562 Postings, 8120 Tage KickyThird Quarter 2014 Financial Results 11.11.2014

30.10.14 19:07

71562 Postings, 8120 Tage KickyeBay to Integrate Visa QIWI Wallet in Russia

30.10.14 19:10
MOSCOW, Oct. 30, 2014 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- eBay, one of the world's largest online marketplaces, and QIWI plc (Nasdaq:QIWI) (MOEX:QIWI), a leading provider of next generation payment services in Russia, announced today that Visa QIWI Wallet is now available as a payment option on eBay in Russia.

Starting November 5th, all Russian eBay customers will be able to pay for their purchases with Visa QIWI Wallet. The new service, which becomes an additional payment option on eBay along with PayPal and credit cards, will allow eBay customers to make online purchases in a simple and secure manner.....


387 Postings, 3128 Tage ForlixSpiele mit dem Gedanken

02.11.14 18:10
noch vor Earnings reinzugehen. Denke ein Rücksetzer hat bei den Aussichten und der aktuellen Bewertung kaum noch Chancen, wie siehst du das?  

387 Postings, 3128 Tage ForlixQ3 EPS doppelt so hoch wie erwartet

11.11.14 12:49
Earnings $0.71/share, Erwartet waren $0.36
Handelt im pre-market schon +10%


71562 Postings, 8120 Tage KickyDividende 0,38/Aktie Goldman sell

14.11.14 11:41
Qiwi PLC (NASDAQ:QIWI) announced a dividend on Tuesday, November 11th, American Banking News reports. Stockholders of record on Monday, November 24th will be paid a dividend of 0.38 per share on Wednesday, November 26th. The ex-dividend date is Thursday, November 20th.

QIWI has been the subject of a number of recent research reports. Analysts at Standpoint Research upgraded shares of Qiwi PLC from a “hold” rating to a “buy” rating in a research note on Thursday, October 30th. They now have a $40.00 price target on the stock. On a related note, analysts at Goldman Sachs downgraded shares of Qiwi PLC from a “buy” rating to a “sell” rating in a research note on Thursday, October 23rd. They now have a $24.00 price target on the stock, down previously from $59.00. Finally, analysts at TheStreet downgraded shares of Qiwi PLC from a “hold” rating to a “sell” rating in a research note on Thursday, October 9th. ....


71562 Postings, 8120 Tage KickyYandex + Qiwi jump (again) as oil and ruble rally

02.06.15 21:38

   Like clockwork, Russian tech/Internet plays Yandex (YNDX +5.3%) and Qiwi (QIWI +3%) are turning in strong performances as WTI crude rises 2.1% to $61.49/barrel - comments from Saudi Arabia's oil minister are helping - and the ruble rallies to 52.8 against the dollar. Russia's MICEX Index closed up 1.6%; the dollar-based Russia Trading System Cash Index has risen 2.4%.
   Yandex is up 37% from a March low of $13.90, and Qiwi up 66% from a February low of $18.70. Qiwi jumped last month after beating Q1 estimates with the help of a rising payments revenue yield, and announcing the acquisition of Russia's Contact money transfer service and Rapida payment-processing service for ~$190M.


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