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13 Postings, 807 Tage FinanzprophetFundamental interessant

06.05.22 19:50
Die fundamentale Bewertung ist nun schon seit einigen Wochen auf einem interessanten Niveau. Solange die Ukraine-Krise nicht gelöst ist, lasse ich hier aber die Finger davon. Könnte leider jederzeit zu einer neuen Eskalation kommen.  

1092 Postings, 1045 Tage alpenland2wird es so schlimm wie die Börsenkurse heute

24.10.22 10:27
Chinas Märkte fallen - Xis eiserne Hand alarmiert die Investoren !!  

1092 Postings, 1045 Tage alpenland2Schon wieder eine Wende

04.11.22 11:28
China vielleicht Lockerung bei den Covid Massnahmen.  

15792 Postings, 8964 Tage LalapoXI / Biden

15.11.22 07:35
reden mit einander ...Hände schütteln .... na geht doch ..... mal schaun ob Ali zum Jahresende nicht schon wieder 3-stellig steht ...100 + X ist die Vorgabe ..  

399 Postings, 3739 Tage TemestaBin sehr neugierig....

08.12.22 20:59
Erwarte mir etwas mehr, bin gierig...  

399 Postings, 3739 Tage TemestaNur weiter so..... netter Run

04.01.23 18:24

1092 Postings, 1045 Tage alpenland2spannende News

28.03.23 18:19
bin immer noch dabei, wenn auch im Minus
nehme jedoch nun weiteren Anstieg an.  

1092 Postings, 1045 Tage alpenland2nun wieder zugekauft

14.02.24 19:00
(bin dann letztes Jahr raus)

Nach einem Rückschlag seit 2020 um fast 90% :-(  scheint es mir an der Zeit wieder einzusteigen.
Das Kursziel liegt bei 111$  (derzeit 73$) ergibt sich ein Potenzial von fast 50%
das KGV liegt bei  13.55

           Maintains§JP Morgan: Overweight to Overweight 2/8/202


1092 Postings, 1045 Tage alpenland2sollte nun eigentlich laufen

15.02.24 16:40
Earnings Analysis

Alibaba International Records Solid Growth Led By AliExpress
Feb. 12, 2024 6:00 AM ETAlibaba Group Holding Limited (BABA) Stock6 Comments
Seeling Alpha
Alibaba International recorded strong revenue growth in the three months to December, its sixth consecutive quarterly increase since Alibaba partner Jiang Fan took the helm in 2022.
The company will further invest in its AliExpress “Choice” program, which has shown strong results in boosting customer acquisition and retention.
BABA will continue to invest in Choice to differentiate itself from rivals and attract more customers to shop on AliExpress.
7th Viva Technology Conference In Paris - Day 1
Chesnot/Getty Images News

China e-commerce giant Alibaba Group (NYSE:BABA; 9988.HK) eked out 5% revenue growth in its latest quarterly results announced last Wednesday. Despite that modest gain, a bright spot for the company came from Alibaba International Digital Commerce (Alibaba International), its international e-commerce arm, whose revenue jumped by a much larger 44% to $4.02 billion in the final three months of last year.

Revenue from its core retail e-commerce business grew by an even stronger 56% to $3.28 billion, accounting for more than 80% of the total. Its AliExpress B2C platform was a key contributor to the good results, recording 60% order growth. AliExpress is one of the leading global B2C marketplaces, operating in 17 languages and allowing consumers to buy directly from Chinese manufacturers.

Apart from AliExpress, Alibaba International operates Lazada, which covers six countries in Southeast Asia. Its other platforms include European flagship Trendyol, based in Turkey, along with Miravia, based in Spain. It also operates the Daraz platform covering South Asia. With the exception of AliExpress, the other platforms mostly work with local merchants and brands to serve local consumers. The unit also operates the global B2B marketplace.

Those myriad retail platforms all contributed to Alibaba International's strong revenue growth, with total combined orders up 24% year-on-year. That suggests the company achieved greater customer "stickiness" through greater spending per order in the latest quarter. AliExpress' significantly higher order growth of 60% was driven by big gains for its popular year-old "Choice" program.

"Despite the uncertain global economic environment and intense market competition, growth in our cross-border business was especially significant," said Alibaba International CEO Jiang Fan during the parent company's earnings call. "Our business model with enhanced consumer experience and supply chain upgrade, product and technology innovation as well as targeted expansion in priority markets are fueling our dynamic growth in this quarter."

Alibaba International said Choice has been pivotal to the expansion of AliExpress' global footprint, making the platform a key driver of the company's growth. Launched a year ago, the program offers consumers around the world a curated selection of value-oriented products across different categories along with extras like free shipping, free returns and delivery guarantees in select countries.

According to Alibaba International, Choice works by offering AliExpress merchants the "Fulfilled by AliExpress" suite of one-stop services integrating sales operations, payment, logistics and warehousing. The service makes it easy for sellers to engage in cross-border business, ultimately bringing a wider array of products and better services and pricing that are key to attracting new customers and retaining existing ones.

As of January 2024, Choice already accounted for nearly half of AliExpress' total orders and is expected to continue driving the platform's growth. An important element of the service's success is its close partnership with Cainiao, Alibaba Group's logistics arm.

During the latest quarter, Cainiao expanded its global five-day express delivery services to 10 countries and regions, providing more expansion opportunities for Choice. AliExpress' order volume using the express delivery service experienced triple-digit growth from the previous quarter.

Fundraising ahead?
Both Alibaba International and Cainiao are among the parent company's major business units that are being spun off to operate separately under a breakup plan announced nearly a year ago. Other units being spun off include its cloud business and its digital media and entertainment unit. At the time of the breakup, the parent Alibaba said some or all of those units could eventually do their own fundraising or even make separate listings.

Outside AliExpress, Trendyol continued to report strong double-digit order growth and maintained a leading position in Turkey. It also further expanded into new markets in the Middle East with a wide range of merchandise backed by its strong logistics support. Its Lazada Southeast Asian flagship continued optimizing its operating efficiency to further narrow its loss per order compared with year-ago levels.

On the B2B side, the marketplace completed its acquisition of European trading platform Visable in Europe first announced late last year, expanding its supplier base. The B2B business brought in $740 million revenue in the final three months of 2023, up 8% year-on-year.

Alibaba International said it increased its investment during the quarter to provide more differentiated services to its customers, with notable areas of higher spending to build up the Choice program and pay for Trendyol's international expansion. As a result of that additional spending, the company's adjusted EBITA loss widened to $443 million for the quarter from a $53 million loss in the last quarter.

The company has indicated that it will continue to invest in Choice to differentiate itself from rivals and attract more customers to shop on AliExpress.

"Going forward, we will continue to maintain our rapid growth momentum and provide consumers with improved differentiated services. To that end, we will continue to step up investment to enhance user experience and our competitiveness while expanding our business scale," said Jiang.

As an e-commerce veteran, Jiang has shown early strong results at the helm of Alibaba International, as he works to integrate and find more synergies for a series of organic and acquired assets that previously operated relatively independently. He appears to be heading in that direction, but must still prove he can continue to scale the business, maintain growth, and show an eventual path to profitability.


15792 Postings, 8964 Tage LalapoCome on

15.02.24 16:48
Burry ..make it !!  

1092 Postings, 1045 Tage alpenland2Fondsmanager Michael Burry

18.02.24 19:00
Alibaba ist in seinem Fond die grösste Position
auch auf Platz 2 ein Chinese.

Ich denke, es geht weiter, SeekingAlpha:
Alibaba International Records Solid Growth Led By AliExpress
Bamboo WorksMon, Feb. 12  
Angehängte Grafik:

1092 Postings, 1045 Tage alpenland2Beteiligung an AI Firma

21.02.24 10:26

ich gehe davon aus, dass die Software mit AI in die Prozesse von BABA eingebaut werden.

Chinese artificial intelligence start-up Moonshot AI has raised more than US$1 billion in a new funding round led by e-commerce giant Alibaba Group Holding and venture capital firm HongShan, as interest among investors remains high for innovative mainland enterprises similar to ChatGPT creator OpenAI......


22770 Postings, 1082 Tage Highländer49Alibaba

23.02.24 09:30
Kommt bald das große Comeback der Papiere aus dem Reich der Mitte? Das spricht dafür und das dagegen.  

5894 Postings, 3681 Tage BrennstoffzellenfanAlibaba setzt auf Künstliche Intelligenz (KI)

05.03.24 15:48

5894 Postings, 3681 Tage BrennstoffzellenfanAlibaba und China-Aktien vor dem Durchstarten

06.03.24 13:14

Die chinesischen Aktienmärkte sind im Vergleich zu den US-Märkten massiv zurückgeblieben (vgl. AI / Künstliche Intelligenz) und verfügen über massives Aufholpotenzial. Diverse Bluechips wie JD, Alibaba, Baidu uvm. Zudem düfte die chinesische Regierung nach dem Parteikongress diese Woche mit massiven wirtschaftlichen Stimulus-Massnahmen die Wirtschaft ankurbeln.

Es wird Zeit für  

1092 Postings, 1045 Tage alpenland2bin auch dabei, auf .. auf..

06.03.24 19:08
China macht wohl keinen Terror im Moment.  

1092 Postings, 1045 Tage alpenland2Trepper erhöht Anteil an BABA

11.03.24 10:04
Der Milliardär David Tepper hat seine Position bei Nvidia gekürzt.

Er hat den Bestand von BABA um 750'000 Aktien in seinem Fond erhöht.

Hier sind die Aktien der künstlichen Intelligenz (KI), die er stattdessen gekauft hat.
Der Hedgefonds-Manager ist gegenüber Nvidia weniger optimistisch, mag aber einige Kunden von Nvidia....  

5894 Postings, 3681 Tage BrennstoffzellenfanBABA mit Incentives und Big Boys laden auf

11.03.24 10:14

5894 Postings, 3681 Tage BrennstoffzellenfanAlibaba und Amazon sind top positioniert

11.03.24 14:38

5894 Postings, 3681 Tage BrennstoffzellenfanAlibaba: Der Boden ist drin. Chart will nordwärts.

13.03.24 10:06

5894 Postings, 3681 Tage BrennstoffzellenfanChina-Aktien mit Boden und Aufwärtstrend

13.03.24 16:41
Die China-Aktien haben gemäss heutigem ZACK's den Boden gefunden und drehen nun wieder nordwärts:

Siehe hierzu auch Chart-Analyse des grössten Online-Händlers und AI-/Cloud-Spezialisten Alibaba (BABA):  

22770 Postings, 1082 Tage Highländer49Alibaba

14.03.24 10:17

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