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288 Postings, 2925 Tage vienna2und die Kosten

11.08.17 18:46
gehen natürlich auch richtig hoch.
Die Helis sind nicht gerade billig :)  

288 Postings, 2925 Tage vienna2bei 3 Rigs

20.08.17 10:37
sollten bald mal weitere Ergebnisse kommen.
Die werden auf Copper Belle und GR2 eingesetzt!  

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30.08.17 16:22
Electrum Property
The 650 hectare Electrum property is located directly between the past-producing Silbak Premier mine some 25 km south and Pretium Resource’s Brucejack deposit some 20 km to the north. A well-developed 50 km road directly links the property to the bulk tonnage shipping terminals in the port of Stewart, B.C. Electrical power lines come within 3 km of the property and could be continued along the existing haul road. The past-producing Big Missouri mine is also located 30 km down the haul road from the Electrum property.
In 2017 a permit was received for the construction of a road on the Electrum property. Construction is now in progress with overburden stripping, blasting and construction currently underway on the steep terrain of the property.
The 2016 season of exploration on the Electrum property included the Company’s inaugural round of diamond drilling and a surface blasting and sampling program. It included twelve representative specimens collected across a central vein system of the property “New Blast Zone” where the structure averaged 3,461.92 grams (111.30 oz) silver per tonne and 2.24 grams gold per tonne. An 8 cm wide silver sulphide core seam returned 30,200 grams (1,065.3 oz) silver per tonne.  

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17.09.17 16:45

Tudor drills 1.95 m of 10.97 ppm Au at Treaty Creek

2017-09-14 09:58 ET - News Release

Mr. Walter Storm reports


The HC mineralized zone of the HC deposit within the GR2 claim block on Tudor Gold Corp.'s 60-per-cent-owned Treaty Creek project, located in the Golden Triangle in British Columbia, hosts a precious-metal-rich, polymetallic, volcanogenic massive sulphide and sulphosalt (VHMS) mineralized system.

Walter Storm, president and chief executive officer, stated: "We are very pleased with the results so far. We were attracted to the Treaty Creek project by the clear potential for extensive mineralized zones on our claims, and the results from the HC zone within the GR2 claim block have exceeded our expectations. We look forward to the completion of a resource estimate on the HC zone and a resource estimate on the Copper Belle project, which is also well under way."

The HC zone appears to be a complete precious-metal-rich VHMS deposit in which the feeder vein system, the vent structures and the sulphides in a restricted sedimentary basin had been intersected. All three zones of the HC deposit carry elevated values of gold. The feeder vein system also carries elevated silver and base metal (lead, zinc and copper) content.

The HC zone shows elevated concentrations of gold, silver and antimony sulphosalts hosted between a pervasively sericite-pyrite-chlorite altered volcaniclastic sequence (bimodal mafic-felsic affinity) and restricted sedimentary basins where mudstones host sulphide mineralization underlying stockwork base metal and precious metal veins. These characteristics are similar and unique to the nearby Eskay Creek deposit. The highest-grade and most continuous precious metal mineralization within the HC zone occurs as an apparent stratabound zone at the contact of the footwall mudstone and the hydrothermally altered volcaniclastic sequence. This is interpreted as being the product of a mineralizing growth-graben fault, proximal to felsic flows, ash tuffs and felsic conglomerates.

During the continuing 2017 season, Tudor Gold has drilled 13 holes in the vicinity of and to the north of the nine holes drilled in 2007 and 11 holes in 2009 by American Creek Resources. Together, these 33 holes have produced consistent geology demonstrating the continuity of the feeder vein system, the vent structure and the sedimentary basin within the area bounded by these holes (assays received up to HC-17-07; awaiting assays on all remaining 2017 holes).

The holes drilled by Tudor Gold and American Creek Resources cover approximately 400 metres along strike and 450 metres down dip at 50-metre space increments in the direction of the main mineralized structure. Historical surface sampling carried out by previous operators to both the north and south of the HC zone indicates that the main mineralized structure extends at least for 3,000 metres along strike. The entire 3,000-metre mineralized structure that hosts the HC zone remains open to the north, south beyond the existing drill holes and down dip.

Assay results

1. The feeder vein system

It comprises discordant veins hosted mainly in pervasively sericite-pyrite-chlorite altered volcaniclastic sequence. Two types of veins are recognized: silver-dominant, manganese-rich carbonates and sulphides (semi-massive yellow to light brown zoned sphalerite, galena, pyrite and minor chalcopyrite can add to over 50 per cent of the veins) and gold-dominant chalcedonic quartz veins. Textures include those more typical of the epithermal suite (banded, crustiform and breccia/vein).


Hole ID          From        To  Interval        Au        Ag
                  (m)       (m)       (m)     (ppm)     (ppm)

HC-17-01       170.35     170.8      0.45       6.4      29.1
HC-17-02       256.65    257.45       0.8      4.53      55.1
And             258.3       259       0.7      6.16      59.4
HC-17-03       395.35     397.3      1.95     10.97         -
Including      395.35     395.9      0.55     14.30         -
And             395.9     396.8       0.9      3.48      16.9
And             396.8     397.3       0.5     20.80       548
And             435.3     435.8       0.5     33.80         -
HC-17-04        261.4    261.95      0.55      2.65       234
And             283.1    283.55      0.75      0.21       359
And            283.85     284.9      1.05      0.79       316
HC-17-05       203.05    203.95       0.9        11      13.8
HC-17-07       143.45     147.2      3.75      6.22         -
Including      143.45       144      0.55      5.13      30.6
And             145.9     147.2       1.3      13.3        87  

True thickness of the different mineralized intervals
is still to be determined.

2. The vent structure

It comprises of silica flooded and altered mudstone and volcanic conglomerates, along with breccias and semi-massive sulphide replacements. Several stages of silica can be recognized cementing and replacing successive events of brecciation. Silica alteration occurs as silicification and chalcedonic silica, usually grey to bluish in colour, obliterating previous textures. Pyrite and antimony sulphosalts are the dominant sulphides as veinlets, stringers and semi-massive replacements. Stibnite, galena, sphalerite and arsenopyrite are also common in veinlets and disseminations.


Hole ID          From        To  Interval        Au    
                  (m)       (m)       (m)     (ppm)

HC-17-01        247.3     247.8       0.5      2.58
and             247.8    248.35      0.55      5.52
HC-17-04        345.4    345.85      0.45      2.03
and            345.85     346.3      0.45      11.1
HC-17-05       203.05    203.95       0.9        11

True thickness of the different mineralized
intervals is still to be determined.

3. The sulphides in sedimentary basins

Fine-grained pyrite and antimony sulphosalts have been identified as finely laminated sedimentary beds and patchy pyrite/quartz replacements within mudstones/siltstones in the proximity of the venting structures intersected in core, particularly around holes HC-17-01, HC-17-04, HC-17-05, HC-17-08, HC-17-10, HC-17-11 and HC-17-12 (as per visual inspection of the drill core). The mineralization appears to be hosted in the immediate contact of the underlying footwall mudstone unit and the upper altered volcaniclastic sequence.


Hole ID          From        To  Interval        Au    
                  (m)       (m)       (m)     (ppm)

HC-17-01       249.35    250.35         1       4.7
And            250.35    251.35         1      10.2
And            251.35    252.35         1      4.59
And            252.35    252.85       0.5      14.6
And            252.85    253.75       0.9      12.6
And            253.75    254.45       0.7      2.13
HC-17-04        346.6    346.95      0.35      5.17
And            346.95    347.35       0.4      8.91
And            347.35       348      0.65      4.42
And               348     348.6       0.6      16.5
And             348.6     349.3       0.7      14.4
And             349.3       350       0.7      5.41
HC-17-05       203.95     205.5      1.55     0.807
And             205.5       207       1.5     0.787
And               207    208.55      1.55      1.98

True thickness of the different mineralized
intervals is still to be determined.

Quality control and data verification

Samples were assayed by Activation Labs in Kamloops, B.C. Analytical accuracy and precision are monitored by the submission of blanks, certified standard samples and duplicate samples inserted at regular intervals into the sample train by Tudor Gold staff. Activation Labs' quality system complies with the requirements for the International Standards ISO 9001:2000 and ISO 17025:1999.

Qualified person

This press release has been prepared and verified by Raul Sanabria, MSc, PGeo, EurGeol, exploration manager, qualified person for the 2017 Treaty Creek project field season and a qualified person for the purposes of National Instrument 43-101.

About Tudor Gold Corp.

Tudor Gold is a significant explorer in British Columbia's Golden Triangle, an area which hosts multiple past-producing mines and several large deposits that are approaching potential development. The GR2 claim group within the Treaty Creek project claims is approximately 12 kilometres southeast of the historical past-producing Eskay Creek mine. The company has a 60-per-cent interest in both the Electrum property and Treaty Creek project, as well as a 100-per-cent interest in the Mackie, Eskay North, Orion, Fairweather, Delta and High North properties, all of which are located in the Golden Triangle area.

We seek Safe Harbor.

288 Postings, 2925 Tage vienna2absolutes

18.09.17 18:58
Sch...wetter dort oben in den Bergen. Drillen sehr schwierig.  

288 Postings, 2925 Tage vienna2zur Zeit

25.09.17 09:36
pokern die Labore in dem Gebiet. 2/3 wurden im Laufe der letzten Jahre geschlossen und jetzt werden sie mit Proben zugeschüttet. Da pokern sie natürlich und wollen mehr Geld
und so haben alle Comp. sehr viele Analyseergebnisse "pending".

288 Postings, 2925 Tage vienna2Trety Creek

03.10.17 15:26


288 Postings, 2925 Tage vienna2nächste Woche

07.10.17 20:27
ist Drillsaison fertig! Schmales Zeitfenster.  

288 Postings, 2925 Tage vienna2gute Bericht

07.10.17 20:44
British Columbia's Golden Triangle Becomes Hottest Area Play on Earth
Canada's 'Golden Triangle' in northwestern British Columbia is now the world's hottest exploration area play.

288 Postings, 2925 Tage vienna2Video

14.10.17 09:16

288 Postings, 2925 Tage vienna2JV Partner American Creek

17.10.17 10:08

288 Postings, 2925 Tage vienna2Unser Copper Bell

10.11.17 20:51
Gebiet kiegt direkt einen Steinwurf von den Bohrungen entfernt- dort  steht "Proposed tunnels".
Könnte schlechter laufen.  

288 Postings, 2925 Tage vienna2der Ablauf im Camp

11.11.17 11:31

Es stehen noch 20 Löcher mit Laborwerten aus.  

288 Postings, 2925 Tage vienna2der 20% Mitinhaber

16.11.17 08:15
American Creek Resources Ltd. - Successful program on Seabridge’s Iron cap has significant implications for both the KSM and Treaty Creek.
American Creek Resources is a precious metals exploration company with an impressive portfolio of high-potential gold and silver projects in British Columbia.  These include properties in B.C.'s prolific Golden Triangle, one of the richest areas of mineralization in the world.  
hat das Super aufbereitet!

288 Postings, 2925 Tage vienna2man hat

16.11.17 19:23
LÄNGEN:•176m @ 0.8 g/t gold
•410m @ 0.67 g/t gold
•369m @ 0.69 g/t gold including 43.5m @ 2.2 g/t Au gold equivalent (copper and silver credit at Oct 15, 2017 prices)
•23 holes pending
und sehr gute Grade:
holes including:
•5.1m @ 9.57 g/t gold
•3.4m @ 9.41 g/t gold
•1.95m @ 10.97 g/t gold
•0.5m @ 33.8 g/t gold
•0.9m @ 11 g/t gold
•11 holes pending

Jetzt fehlt noch der Hammer von GR2!  

288 Postings, 2925 Tage vienna2Electrum

29.11.17 22:13

Tudor Gold Completes Electrum Property Access Road

V.TUD | 9 hours ago

Vancouver, British Columbia--(Newsfile Corp. - November 29, 2017) - Tudor Gold Corp. (TSXV: TUD) (FSE: TUC) (the "Company" or "Tudor Gold") is pleased to report that during the 2017 field season an access road to the Electrum property has been completed. In 2015/16 the access road from the end of the Granduc Mine Road to the Electrum property was refurbished and upgraded over a 3.5 kms distance. This past summer Tudor invested $270,000 to complete a new 700 metre extension into the Electrum Project. The property is now connected by road to an all season deep water port at Stewart, BC. Additional important infrastructure includes Long Lake Hydro Power infrastructure, Stewart Airport and Highway 37.

Walter Storm, President and CEO stated, "We are very pleased to have completed this access road, which will now allow us to proceed with a 10,000 ton bulk sample of this high grade gold/silver mineralized zone, subject to receipt of permits. A bulk sample in combination with past drill results will further our geological understanding and unlock value of this high grade mineralized system."

Background on the Electrum Property

The Electrum property is a 60:40 joint venture between Tudor Gold (as operator) and American Creek Resources Ltd. It is located between the past producing Premier gold mine (in the 1920's North America's greatest dividend payer), and British Columbia's newest gold mine, the Valley of the Kings. Recently commissioned at a cost of $1 Billion dollars, it hosts proven and probable reserves of 8.1 million ounces of gold (see www.pretivm.com). Within this area are several other past producing mines as well as new projects undergoing exploration.

One portion of the Electrum property includes the historic East Gold mine which was hand mined between 1939 and 1965, producing 3,816 oz of gold and 2,442 oz of silver from 45 tons of selected ore (BC Ministry of Mines Assessment Report 30206). These historic production values have not been independently verified by Tudor Gold.

Due to a serious back-log of assays involving multiple exploration companies, Tudor is still waiting for approximately 40% of outstanding assays from the two separate areas drilled this year on the property, the Copper Belle and GR2 (HC) zones. Representatives from Tudor have visited the Laboratory and made these concerns known.

Read more at http://www.stockhouse.com/news/press-releases/...#KJE3VkElLiIGgU5F.99  

212 Postings, 3687 Tage VulkanbezwingerRonni

07.12.17 13:15
Ist ein absoluter Experte in seinem Fach und für Tudor eine definitive Bereicherung.

288 Postings, 2925 Tage vienna2auch gut

07.12.17 16:00

288 Postings, 2925 Tage vienna2noch besser

07.12.17 16:01

288 Postings, 2925 Tage vienna2bei der letzten

07.12.17 16:04
Tabelle sieht man beim Au Equivalent was hohe Silbergrade als Beiprodukt ausmachen.....  

288 Postings, 2925 Tage vienna2PR wird besser

08.12.17 21:58

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