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02.04.13 15:53
Mobile Cloud Labs Acquires Snuko Intellectual Property and Releases Security Apps Prior to Public Stock Offering
Mobile Cloud Labs announces it is going public on the London GXG Market as the company releases security apps; MyAntiTheft and MyAntiVirus, for smartphones, tablets, and portable computers.
(PRWEB) March 25, 2013
Mobile Cloud Labs Plc. today announced the acquisition of Snuko's intellectual property and partial development team, the creators of antitheft software for portable devices. Mobile Cloud Labs Plc. also announced the release of the absolutely free MyAntiTheft and MyAntiVirus app for the Android platform, the company will be seeking investors by offering stock on the London GXG Markets to fuel new product development and company expansion.
"The acquisition of Snuko"s antitheft products launches us into the global mobile market," stated Richard Sylvester, CEO/CTO and co-founder of Mobile Cloud Labs. "We expect to target mainly smartphone and tablet users from the U.S. and European market. By offering stock on the London GXG we help fund expansion of our development and marketing programs, including translating product releases for specific markets."
MyAntiTheft a completely free application secures that identity information and data stored on handheld computing devices, and provides location services to help recover stolen devices. MyAntiTheft features device lockdown to prevent unwanted users from using your device or accessing personal data. Geolocation tracking tells you where the device is using an interactive map. There also is a spy camera feature for devices with built-in cameras to show who has your device. Using the web-based security dashboard, you also can sound an alarm on the device and wipe important data by remote control.    
Substantial money has been invested and brought about the design for MyAntiTheft for Android where the Snuko acquired antitheft products are available for Windows, Mac, iOS, and Blackberry mobile operating systems. MyAntiTheft is currently the only antitheft solution for Android that protects mobile devices and prevents a thief from uninstalling or performing a factory reset on a device. MyAntiVirus protects Android smartphones from viruses, malware, and spyware.
Through its public stock offering, Mobile Cloud Labs plans to fund development of new location-based mobile software. The company is pioneering new solutions for the burgeoning mobile advertising market that deliver location-based, targeted mobile advertising with pinpoint accuracy. The Mobile Cloud Labs network will give publishers the ability to deliver messages at point-of-sale to mobile devices hence track the entire process from ad impression to actual retail transaction.
About Mobile Cloud Labs Plc:
Mobile Cloud Labs are developers and marketers of high-quality applications for smartphones, tablet computers, and laptops with offices in Switzerland and the United States. The company"s flagship software products are MyAntiTheft and MyAntiVirus, which are currently available for Android, Windows, Apple iOS, Mac OS, and Blackberry OS.
The company is currently going public on the London GXG market on April 2nd. For more information, please visit  

6012 Postings, 5153 Tage paketixdiese woche war noch nix mit handel

06.04.13 00:16
sollte gemäss meinen infos aber in kürze starten ... ;P
so looong *klonk*

6012 Postings, 5153 Tage paketixhandel hat heute an GXG markets gestartet

24.06.13 13:05
mit etwas verspätung...
so looong und allen viel erfolg beim investieren *klonk*

6012 Postings, 5153 Tage paketixMCL tradet an der GXG aktuell bei €2.20

29.10.13 16:42
mal schaun' wie es weitergeht
so looong *klonk*

6012 Postings, 5153 Tage paketixmal sehen was weihnachten

22.12.14 21:15
... und das neue jahr so bringen :)

6012 Postings, 5153 Tage paketix"mobile advertising with pinpoint accuracy"

22.12.14 21:51
das ist mmn. der interessante teil - der werbemarkt ist ist ein riesenbusiness und für punktgenaue werbung (du kriegst das angebot von starbucks wenn du bei ihnen am laden vorbeigehst) gibt es noch keine technisch umsetzbaren lösungen - bisher scheiterte man an der zu starken belastung der handyakkus und der dadurch verringerten laufzeit.
bisher ...

6012 Postings, 5153 Tage paketixgehandelt wird aktuell über London/GXG

16.02.15 14:23

6012 Postings, 5153 Tage paketixkurs aktuell bei €2.40

16.02.15 14:24

6012 Postings, 5153 Tage paketixGXG in london wurde dicht gemacht

30.08.15 00:19
deshalb musste 'mobile cloud labs' einen neuen handelsplatz suchen und ist an der euronext in paris fündig geworden.
handelsstart ist gemäss pressemitteilung im september (...expected trade date beginning in September)
ticker habe ich noch nicht ...
allen viel spass beim investieren
so looong *klonk*

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