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ValiRx beschleunigt die Entwicklung von Behandlungen bei Krebs und Frauengesundheit, um das Patientenleben zu verbessern. Wir bieten den wissenschaftlichen, finanziellen und kommerziellen Rahmen, um die schnelle Umsetzung innovativer Wissenschaft in die klinische Entwicklung zu ermöglichen.

Mit unserer umfangreichen und nachgewiesenen Erfahrung in Forschung und Arzneimittelentwicklung wählen und inkubieren wir vielversprechende neue Arzneimittelkandidaten und führen sie durch einen optimierten Entwicklungsprozess, von präklinischen Studien bis hin zu klinik- und investorenfähigen Vermögenswerten.  

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scheinbar ist was im Busch....wenn man in den Foren Börse London nachliest....  

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12.01.21 18:49
Forum London MrNation....

Potential is huge, here are my notes

VAL201 remains on schedule to report headline results in Q3 2020 as detailed in the 19 May 2020 announcement. Source data has been verified using remote access to the clinical trial site, and the important milestone of a "database lock", being the closure of the database to any further editing, should be completed this month. Data processing and statistical analysis will then produce headline results, including an overview of safety and tolerability and indications of disease impact which will be notified to the market in due course. Results will subsequently be incorporated into the Clinical Study Report for regulatory submission which is anticipated in Q4 2020. With the Clinical Study Report in hand, the Company will be able to summarise key points and prepare papers for peer-reviewed publication.

A collaboration between Oncolytika, Black Cat Bio and ValiRx was announced on 2 June 2020 to investigate the potential for BC201, a combination of therapeutic agents including the VAL201 peptide being developed as a possible treatment for patients with Coronavirus infection. A downloadable factsheet detailing the theoretical science behind the combination therapy is available on the Company's website. Experimental science programmes are being drawn up with the intention to demonstrate proof-of-concept and to assist commercial development discussions.

VAL301 continues evaluation for endometriosis under the agreement with the undisclosed Japanese Pharmaceutical company, as announced on 1 May 2020.

Black Cat Bio is in discussion with a number of parties to progress VAL401 through the next stages of clinical trials independently of ValiRx.  

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13.01.21 11:04
Im happy with the price action. I was expecting a dip from 35p as stated before. I think this is very temporary level and we should break this today! Once we break 35p my next resistance zone is 47p to 53p! I feel this is where we will wait for the news to come! This will also give us a decent valuation!

Target 1: 35p ( Achieved)

Target 2: 47p-54p

Target 3: 67p-73p

Target 4: 108p-117p

Target 5: 189p - 206p

I do have a target of 323p! It might sound bit silly but i really believe we will hit this level!  

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