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2772 Postings, 3562 Tage iwanoozeThe Alkaline Water

20.02.15 15:30
Alkaline Water Company, Inc. (OTCQB: WTER) - Alkaline Water Co.
The Alkaline Water Company, Inc.  (OTCQB: WTER), are the developers of Alkaline88 -  a lifestyle product delivering a refreshing and economical  way to achieve maximum hydration while maintaining and benefiting from balanced pH!

4258 Postings, 4349 Tage TB..siehste wie einfach man geld verdienen kann

20.02.15 16:41
...und das ohne dummpush oder andere abzuzocken

gefällt mir immer besser

weiter so und gw  

2772 Postings, 3562 Tage iwanoozethx !

20.02.15 16:43

499 Postings, 3529 Tage scalper_scallyBin mal mit einer kleinen Posi rein

20.02.15 16:49
Danke iwanooze für deinen Tip!  

2772 Postings, 3562 Tage iwanoozenp!hoffe geht weiter!

20.02.15 16:51

2772 Postings, 3562 Tage iwanoozealte news aber geil

20.02.15 17:19

dieser absatz find ich echt super!

About McLane Company Inc.:
McLane Company is one of the largest wholesale suppliers of food products in the US, serving more than 45,000 retail stores and food service operators from about 40 distribution centers. Its grocery and retail distribution division serves convenience stores, drugstores, and mass merchants, including Wal-Mart. The company's McLane Foodservice division delivers food, paper products, and other supplies to chain restaurants and other food service providers. McLane also distributes alcoholic beverages in the southeastern US. The company was founded in 1894 and is owned by Berkshire Hathaway Inc. For more information about McLane Company Inc. please visit  

499 Postings, 3529 Tage scalper_scallyAlkaline auf einem guten Weg...............

27.02.15 21:20
Alkaline Water Co. Adds Heimark Direct to Store Distribution for Southern California's High Desert
Single Serving Alkaline88 Propels DSD Expansion Plans for 2015
February 27, 2015: 09:05 AM ET

The Alkaline Water Company Inc. (OTCQB: WTER) (the "Company"), developers of an innovative state of the art proprietary electrolysis beverage process packaged and sold in 500ml, 700ml, 1-liter, 3-liter and 1-gallon sizes under the trade name Alkaline88, today announced entry into a key direct store distribution ("DSD") agreement with Indio, California based Heimark Distribution LLC ("Heimark").

Heimark, a well-established and respected beverage distributor, serves approximately 1,000 retailers throughout the Coachella Valley and High Desert of Southern California. As part of today's agreement, the company will initially carry Alkaline88's single serving 700Ml sports cap size to its regionally significant retail beverage customers.

"Partnering with the outstanding team at Heimark brings a potential cumulative retail store count to nearly 5,000 outlets through the ongoing success of our constantly expanding Direct Store Distribution network," states Alkaline Water Company CEO and President Steven Nickolas. "The introduction of our single serving sizes has truly begun to propel our national DSD expansion plans. As we continue to grow and expand the Alkaline88 brand over the next fiscal year, we expect to see substantial growth in both overall store count and DSD's agreements. We look forward to a mutually beneficial affiliation with all our key DSD partners like Heimark, and we are committed to ensuring the relationship is good for them, good for us, and good for our stakeholders and investors."

Additional details of The Alkaline Water Company's business, finances, appointments and agreements can be found as part of the company's continuous public disclosure, and a reporting issuer with the Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC), available at

About The Alkaline Water Company, Inc. (OTCQB: WTER): The Alkaline Water Company Inc. has developed an innovative, state of the art, proprietary electrolysis process that produces healthy alkaline water for a balanced lifestyle. The company is focused on the business of distributing and marketing the retail sale of its cost-effective packaged Alkaline88™ water beverage products. The Alkaline Water Company Inc. is currently in the midst of a national mass-market expansion program and is available for consumer sales at major retail locations across the United States. Learn more about The Alkaline Water Company Inc. by visiting:

About Alkaline88™ Alkaline88™ is a premier bottled alkaline drinking water with an 8.8-pH balance. Enhanced with trace minerals and electrolytes, the product offers consumers the unique opportunity to purchase alkaline water in conveniently packaged 500ml, 700ml, 1-liter, 3-liter, as well as 1-gallon sizes. Learn more about the science of Alkaline88™ at

Notice Regarding Forward-Looking Statements This press release contains "forward-looking statements. Statements in this press release that are not purely historical are forward-looking statements and include any statements regarding beliefs, plans, expectations or intentions regarding the future. Such forward-looking statements include, among other things, The Alkaline Water Company Inc.'s expectations that as they continue to grow and expand the Alkaline88 brand over the next fiscal year, they expect to see substantial growth in both overall store count and DSD's agreements. Actual results could differ from those projected in any forward-looking statements due to numerous factors. Such factors include, among others, the inherent uncertainties associated with developing new products and operating as a development stage company, our ability to raise the additional funding will need to continue to pursue our business and product development plans, competition in the industry in which we operate and market conditions. These forward-looking statements are made as of the date of this press release, and we assume no obligation to update the forward-looking statements, or to update the reasons why actual results could differ from those projected in the forward-looking statements, except as required by applicable law, including the securities laws of the United States of America. Although we believe that any beliefs, plans, expectations and intentions will prove to be accurate. Investors should consult all of the information set forth herein and should also refer to the risk factors disclosure outlined in the reports and other documents we file with the SEC, available at
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45 Postings, 3380 Tage W8ING4könnte was werden...

28.02.15 21:56

die letzten News und auch die Zahlen sind echt der Hammer.

Nur der Chart sieht ja grausam aus.

Wenn der letzte Aufschwung jetzt nicht gleich wieder abverkauft wird, könnte es was werden mit einer Trendumkehr. Ist bekannt wieviel shares im Umlauf sind (wird evtl. diluted)?

Der Ausblick für 2015 ist nicht schlecht. Also auf geht´s  

499 Postings, 3529 Tage scalper_scallyAlkaline Water Co. Advises That Prime Equity

02.03.15 21:31
Research, LLC Has Updated Coverage
March 02, 2015: 03:07 PM ET

The Alkaline Water Company Inc. (OTCQB: WTER) (the "Company"), developers of an innovative state of the art proprietary electrolysis beverage process packaged and sold in 500ml, 700ml, 1-liter, 3-liter and 1-gallon sizes under the trade name Alkaline88, is pleased to announce that Prime Equity Research, LLC's Vitalie Eremia, CFA analyst has released additional coverage on Alkaline Water Company Inc. (WTER).

For free access to the report and information on Prime Equity Research, LLC please visit the Company's website. Interested parties may obtain the report at

Prime Equity Research, LLC ( advises investors to exercise a reasonable degree of due diligence before trading in the equities of any public company, including carefully reading entire analyst reports and report disclosures, and then only in conjunction with advice from a registered financial advisor or broker. Prime Equity Research further advises that any analyst rating, target valuation, price target or opinion should be considered merely a portion of an investor's total investigative process. For a full list of disclaimers and disclosures please visit The Alkaline Water Company, Inc. (OTCQB: WTER).  

2772 Postings, 3562 Tage iwanoozeSuper news!

27.03.15 14:10

2772 Postings, 3562 Tage iwanoozeguckt mal!

27.03.15 14:15
costco wholesale aktie auf ariva  

499 Postings, 3529 Tage scalper_scallyNews...

09.04.15 22:52
View complete news release for Alkaline+Water+Co.+Projects+10+Million+Dollars+in+Annual+Sales+Or­ders -

499 Postings, 3529 Tage scalper_scallyWenn das nicht eine Ansage ist!

09.04.15 22:55
CEO Steven Nickolas notes, "I believe the explosive growth we have experienced since January 1st is unmatched by any water company this year. We finished our fiscal year with our strongest quarter ever, and the first week of our new year is also the strongest week documented to-date. We are very excited about the potential for continued growth as we open up new markets and business relationships across the nation."  

1453 Postings, 4114 Tage uschiwist doch alt ozze.freitag konnten die amis

26.05.15 09:29
doch schon reagieren und es ist nix passiert.  

2772 Postings, 3562 Tage iwanooze3 tage

26.05.15 09:38
hatten die anleger zeit zu überlegen und zu recherchieren,ich glaub heut wirds enormes volumen geben in usa  

2772 Postings, 3562 Tage iwanoozeschade ,noch sehr schwach

26.05.15 16:21

2772 Postings, 3562 Tage iwanoozeuff glaub geht los!

26.05.15 16:28
bid/ask 0,083-0,0844  

2772 Postings, 3562 Tage iwanoozebid 0,084 ;)

26.05.15 16:29

2772 Postings, 3562 Tage iwanoozeGuckt euch mal

26.05.15 19:36
Die balken an auf ariva(kauf verkauf) ,klickt nasdaq an,fast keine roten balken bzw shortseller mit 100er stücken.anscheinend lieg ich mit "long" richtig.
Um den 30 juni die quartalszahlen,die beachtlich sein werden.gefällt mir.

2772 Postings, 3562 Tage iwanoozeSehr gut!

26.05.15 19:41
Schauts aus bid/ask 0,083/0,0845 einfach super,ist ja meine perle.  

2772 Postings, 3562 Tage iwanooze0,084-0,085!ohne worte

26.05.15 20:10

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