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62323 Postings, 7082 Tage LibudaDell Oro expects 20 - 30 % in 2028

06.03.24 16:11

The research company Dell Oro expects open RAN revenue to account for 20 per cent to 30 per cent of worldwide revenue by 2028, up from 7 per cent to 10 per cent in 2024.

In July 2023, it predicted open RAN revenue would account for 15 per cent to 20 per cent of the overall market by 2027.



62323 Postings, 7082 Tage LibudaThe best way to predict the future is to create it

06.03.24 21:38

The AI-native telco—in conversation with Rakuten Symphony

By Sean Kinney, Editor in Chief

March 6, 2024

With all the talk of AI-native telcos, it’s important to remember that to be AI-native, first you have to be cloud-native. What does that mean? It means there are very few operators that are cloud-native, so their perspective on being AI-native isn’t necessarily grounded in current reality. That said, there are a few cloud-native operators, so for perspective on AI-native, maybe best to talk to them. So we did. RCR Wireless News caught up with Rahul Atri; Atri was a managing director with Rakuten Mobile, left for Tech Mahindra, and rejoined Rakuten Symphony as a managing director and president of the OSS business.

As to what AI-native means to him, “Cloud and data are the basis.” And that basis has to align with beneficial use cases, otherwise it’s just an exercise in moving data around various clouds. “Native to me is when you have a problem in your network or something day-to-day, the first thing you think is, can I solve it with AI or not?” Can a rules-based approach to AI that uses data in the cloud be used to solve a problem? “That’s what AI-native means to me.”

Rakuten Symphony had a good number of announcements released during MWC. The ones that hit me the most were the demo of an AI/ML model that resides in the RAN Intelligent Controller (RIC) that aggregates xApp and rApp intelligence from multiple cell sites then turns down or off particular elements when they’re not needed. The demo shows a potential 25% energy savings based on knowing what the network is doing so you can know what it doesn’t need to be doing—see Drucker bullet number two.

The other announcement was a collaboration between Rakuten Symphony and zTouch Networks combining the latter’s rApp/xApp portfolio with Symphony’s RIC and Service Management and Orchestration platforms. The point here is to use AI to enable the RIC and SMO to do “intent-based orchestration, [large language models] for zero-touch user interface, profit-aware traffic prioritization, and energy efficiency.” To summarize all of that, do things fast while saving money you otherwise would’ve spent and make money you otherwise wouldn’t have.

One more from Drucker while we’re all still here: “The best way to predict the future is to create it.”



62323 Postings, 7082 Tage LibudaRakuten on the importance of quality data

06.03.24 22:34
Telco AI Deep Dive: Rakuten on the importance of quality data

Rakuten Symphony Chief Marketing Officer Geoff Hollingworth looks at how Rakuten Mobile is using technology, people and processes to push toward Level 5 network autonomy. He stresses the importance of high quality, trusted data in developing automation workflows, and discusses how learnings from Rakuten Mobile will feed into Rakuten Symphony.



62323 Postings, 7082 Tage LibudaSustainability speaks

07.03.24 09:20
Sustainability speaks: Unveiling consumer mindsets across APAC

As economies worldwide race to meet their environmental goals, understanding consumer perspectives on sustainability is becoming increasingly vital.

For the second consecutive year, Rakuten Insight Global conducted an online survey with over 109,000 consumers from its own proprietary panel across APAC, providing valuable insights into consumers’ evolving attitudes towards sustainable consumption. Here’s what we discovered:

Within Rakuten’s ecosystem, users are able to enjoy a range of sustainable choices. Earth Mall with Rakuten curates sustainable products from Rakuten Ichiba’s online shopping mall, featuring organic, handmade and fair trade items, among others. Additionally, services like Rakuten Farm promote organic produce while striving to revitalize rural employment in Japan’s aging agricultural sector.

In line with its pledge towards sustainability, Rakuten Kobo is promising to incorporate certified recycled materials in its upcoming eReader devices, marking a significant stride in its environmental commitment. Meanwhile, Rakuten Travel is promoting eco-conscious choices by implementing a rating system for accommodation providers based on their sustainability efforts, empowering travelers to make green decisions effortlessly while planning their trips.

Rakuten Rakuma, a popular C2C commerce app, stands as a prime example of this. By facilitating the exchange of pre-loved items, Rakuma provides a platform for second-hand goods to find new owners, thus extending the product’s life cycle and reducing its environmental impact. In an effort to reduce waste and encourage organic consumption, the Rakuma team is partnering with 130+ reuse businesses in Japan to allow them to sell directly to users while also strengthening measures to encourage direct-from-farm and direct-from-fishery shopping.

Rakuten Group has initiated the awarding of Green Life Points alongside Rakuten Points for eco-conscious purchases, spanning a range of categories such as energy-saving appliances, label-free beverages and second-hand goods. Six distinct Rakuten services in Japan are eligible for this campaign, aligning with the Green Life Points promotion program led by Japan’s Ministry of the Environment.

An optimistic outlook for the future of sustainability

Rakuten Insight Global’s latest survey shows that consumer attitudes towards sustainability are on an overwhelmingly positive trajectory. Shoppers increasingly want to purchase products that are sustainably made/packaged or environmentally friendly, and the number of consumers who are taking action towards sustainability by adopting eco-friendly shopping practices has surged. With younger generations also more willing to pay extra to support sustainability initiatives via measures such as increased taxes, the future of sustainable consumption looks bright in the APAC region.




62323 Postings, 7082 Tage LibudaRakuten's esports community is picking up steam

07.03.24 10:49
Rakuten’s esports community is picking up steam

3 weeks ago

Japan’s esports scene ended 2023 with a bang, as gamers assembled for the 5th Rakuten esports cup. On December 19, 64 popular online personalities in Japan logged on to battle it out in popular battle royale game PUBG: BATTLEGROUNDS.

The primarily online event featured commentary from esports caster OooDa, professional cosplayer Enako, Twitch streamer Oniya, and sports commentator Hisashi Shimizu. Sixteen teams of four – primarily streamers, VTubers, and other online personalities – clashed over four exciting rounds to crown the contest’s champions.

Taking a community-driven approach

The term esports often evokes large stadiums, team uniforms and bombastic prize money. Rakuten, meanwhile, has opted to take more of a community approach, with events held largely online and participants joining from their own home setups.

Of course, the Rakuten esports cup champions didn’t go home empty-handed: aside from being awarded with Rakuten Points, a mix of prizes including gaming chairs and other peripherals were provided by sponsors. Runners-up also snagged some nifty prizes, such as a complimentary holiday package at Rakuten STAY Atami. While league-style events often focus on one specific game, the community approach allows for a broader scope of activities and competitors. Previous events have featured other games such as hero shooter APEX LEGENDS (TM), also bringing together streamers and creators from platforms like Twitch and YouTube.

The less-competitive approach also allowed the team to focus more on the entertainment aspect, with the four rounds interspersed with mini-games and other promotional content.

Gaming events are not nearly as common in Japan as one might expect, and while Rakuten doesn’t have a long history in the scene, the Rakuten esports Cup is a welcome response to demand from Japan’s sizable gaming community.

Through this community, Rakuten is also able to reach previously untapped audiences. The event was mirrored on many of the streamers’ accounts, reaching a total viewership of over one hundred fifty thousand.

Playing to Rakuten’s strengths

So why hasn’t esports caught on in Japan?

“2017 was touted to be the year esports would start to take off in Japan, but unfortunately we haven’t seen those predictions come true,” laments event organizer Yuki Kawabata. “One potential reason for this is that the gaming-related companies who sponsor these events don’t see a clear return on their investment.”

For many sponsors, it can be difficult to ascertain just how effective an event has been in promoting their brands, and whether it has had any meaningful impact on sales. This issue is something that Rakuten is uniquely positioned to tackle, Kawabata explains.

“We have combined esports with one of the Rakuten Group’s main businesses – online shopping mall Rakuten Ichiba – to deliver an event through which sponsors can clearly see the results of their marketing.”

Operating one of Japan’s largest online shopping malls, Rakuten is able to link viewers of the event directly to online merchants where they can find the advertised products – something other events simply cannot do. The products on offer are largely tech – and gaming-related – a category likely to appeal to the event’s audience.

“We worked with several sponsors who have stores on Rakuten Ichiba, with the goal of boosting sales through the promotion of specific products,” Kawabata continues. “Rakuten’s biggest strength is that we can collaborate directly with Rakuten Ichiba to create these sales channels.”

Even for brands that don’t have stores on Rakuten Ichiba, Rakuten can support sponsors with insightful marketing data from the platform.

“I hope that this style of event will provide a model case for the industry, and that we can contribute to the growth of Japanese esports.”

The December event marked the 5th edition of the Rakuten esports cup, and the event shows no signs of slowing down; plans are already in the works for future events.



62323 Postings, 7082 Tage LibudaRakuten Showcases "Telecom Reinvented"

07.03.24 12:00
Rakuten Showcases "Telecom Reinvented" at MWC Barcelona 2024

March 04, 2024

Rakuten is back at MWC Barcelona 2024, this time to showcase the rebranded Rakuten Symphony and the strength of the Rakuten Ecosystem under the theme of "Telecom Reinvented." Many new partnerships and announcements were also made by Rakuten Symphony and Rakuten Mobile, including to rebuild the telecom infrastructure of Ukraine, to strengthen the telecom network of the UK, and a partnership to enable speedy deployment of the "platinum band" network service in Japan. Check out scenes from the packed venue as well as what Mickey and other executives shared about Rakuten's bold steps to reinvent telecom!




62323 Postings, 7082 Tage LibudaExcellent for Rakuten Securities

07.03.24 15:17

Japan Plans These Stock Market Steps in 2024 to Lure More Buyers

Japan’s stock market is unveiling a slew of measures this year aimed at making it more attractive for retail investors and global funds, including an expansion of the tax-exempt retirement savings account program.

The new Nippon Individual Savings Account, or NISA, already appears to drawing in more individual investors, according to Rakuten Securities Inc. President Yuji Kusunoki. Traders bullish on Japanese shares are hoping that the revised system and other steps will help extend last-year’s equity rally that saw the Nikkei 225 and Topix index beat major global peers to touch 34-year highs.



62323 Postings, 7082 Tage LibudaFidelity and Rakuten Securities working together

08.03.24 07:37

62323 Postings, 7082 Tage LibudaRakuten Symphony learning hub

08.03.24 08:19
AORA courses available on Rakuten Symphony learning hub

5 March 2024, Manila, Philippines – As part of its advocacy and capacity building efforts and aligned with its goal to accelerate the adoption of Open RAN in university-level courses, and upskill the telecommunications workforce in the Philippines and Indo-Pacific Region, the Asia Open RAN Academy and Rakuten Symphony, Inc. have officially announced its partnership that makes AORA courses available on Rakuten Symphony’s Learning Hub.



62323 Postings, 7082 Tage LibudaPosition at DSIT's 5G diversity test centre

08.03.24 12:54
Rakuten nabs a position at DSIT’s 5G diversity test centre

4 March 2024

The UK government is upping its efforts to create a diverse 5G supplier ecosystem with Rakuten Symphony solutions procured for its £80m testing facility, and network security a key driver…



62323 Postings, 7082 Tage LibudaTIP team to train up telco cloud warriors

08.03.24 15:26
Rakuten Symphony, TIP team to train up telco cloud warriors

Feb 29, 2024

TIP teamed with Rakuten Symphony to develop three new Telco Cloud training courses

TIP is aiming to help tackle the skills gap through TIP Academy

It is planning to make the courses more broadly available through partnerships

Launched in 2022, TIP Academy already has more than 1,500 learners and has issued more than 800 training certificates.

A TIP representative told Silverlinings the new classes are aimed at “cloud implementation technology strategists, and operational teams who are looking at automation approaches using the cloud and are establishing or trying to redevelop their cloud strategy.” The representative added they’re also perfect for operator engineers “who are looking for public and hybrid cloud models to evaluate the best architectural options to drive zero automation strategy for OSS/BSS integration.”



62323 Postings, 7082 Tage LibudaInvest $10 mn in AI, 6G development in India

08.03.24 21:18
Japan's Rakuten to invest $10 mn in AI, 6G development in India

08 Mar 2024, 04:25 PM IS

BARCELONA : Japanese open RAN technology provider Rakuten Symphony, part of Rakuten Mobile, plans to invest $10 million in India this year to enhance AI capabilities and conduct research on 6G, a senior company executive said.

The Indian arm of Rakuten has about 4,000 employees that support the group’s operations including e-commerce and payment services. Between the three centres–Bengaluru, Indore and Pune–the company’s R&D hubs focus on radio access networks, core networks and performance testing.

Rakuten has also initiated discussions with the three major Indian telecom operators–Reliance Jio, Bharti Airtel and Vodafone Idea–to deploy small cells based on open RAN technology, Sriwastawa said.
“We have started initial discussions with all the three operators in India. Once they’re done with the deployment of 5G in a couple of months, then they will consider Open RAN. They’re going for small cells to start with, but for the macro (cells), the trials will start by the end of the year," he said.

The company had deployed about 5,000 femtocells in Bharti Airtel’s 4G network before 2021, but has since not made major headway into the Indian market.



62323 Postings, 7082 Tage Libuda: A conversation with Vijayalaxmi Shinde

08.03.24 22:20
We are Symphony: A conversation with Vijayalaxmi Shinde

March 5, 2024

We caught up with trained theatre artist and IT/telecom marketing veteran Vijayalaxmi (Vijaya) Shinde at the 2024 Mobile World Congress in Barcelona, to learn more about her role as Marketing Director for Rakuten Symphony's Cloud BU.

You've now attended four different MWCs in person, and have participated remotely in several more. How has the event changed over the years for you and what were your takeaways from 2024?

My excitement for MWC never wanes. Every visit is like stepping into a tapestry of innovation. There’s so much happening in the world of technology, and it’s all happening fast! Initially, the event was driven by a quest for innovation, with a strong focus on spotlighting groundbreaking technologies. What’s the next big thing? That was the question on everyone’s mind. More recently, there has been a shift towards sustainability, inclusivity and ethical tech. The atmosphere has grown more sophisticated and diverse. Today, MWC is a forum that not only showcases technological advancements but also fosters meaningful dialogues on their impact on our world. This has been my observation.

Tell us about your journey to Rakuten Symphony and your role here.

This has been one of the most exciting chapters in my career. I was previously associated with some of the leading global brands in the market, such as Wipro and Tata. Joining Robin.io – a small yet fast-growing startup – marked a turning point, which promised a multitude of opportunities. At the time, Robin.io was beginning to gain market traction for its pioneering cloud-native products, which were initially tailored for enterprise needs. We quickly hit the mainstream with the emergence of 5G/Edge and the softwarization of the telecom industry. Robin.io's hyper-converged Kubernetes platform found numerous unprecedented applications in telecom.

Robin.io soon became a key collaborator in Rakuten Symphony’s efforts to create the world’s first fully cloud-native telecom architecture for Rakuten Mobile. The partnership led to Robin.io being acquired by Rakuten Symphony. This significant milestone was made public at MWC 2022.

Being part of the transition to Rakuten Symphony has been an incredibly fulfilling experience. I'm thrilled to contribute to the telecom sector's transformation with Rakuten Symphony headlining this change. I currently have the exciting role of directing the marketing efforts for the cloud business unit. My days are filled with strategizing, collaborating with different units and driving our brand forward in innovative ways.

Your background is quite diverse, spanning theatre arts, engineering and marketing. How has this shaped your approach to your role at Rakuten Symphony?

It has been instrumental to my career. My theatre and arts background has instilled in me a deep appreciation for storytelling and creativity, which are crucial in marketing. Engineering, on the other hand, has honed my analytical and problem-solving skills. This blend allows me to approach marketing with a unique perspective, combining creativity with analytics. While I cherish my time in the theatre and arts, I felt a strong desire to explore new challenges and avenues. The corporate world, especially in a sector as dynamic as cloud computing, offered an exciting platform for growth and learning. It was a leap of faith, but I've found my experience in the arts to be incredibly valuable in understanding diverse perspectives and engaging with audiences.

We recently discovered that you enjoy playing the classical Indian instrument, the sitar. Talk about your interests outside of work.

I'm driven by a desire to learn continuously and push the boundaries of what's possible. Whether it's in the arts or the corporate world, I strive to bring passion and innovation to everything I do. It's all about balance and prioritizing. The sitar brings a sense of calm and focus into my often chaotic world, which is vital in a high-paced job. I do manage to find time during early mornings or weekends for practice.

How do you balance your professional aspirations with the challenges of parenthood?

It's definitely a juggling act! Parenthood can be challenging but equally rewarding. Spending time with my daughter Swanandi helps me see what's most important at the end of the day and gets my priorities straight. I also believe in being fully present in whatever I'm doing – whether that's helping her with a school project or taking her to ballet lessons (she is enamored by ballet!). Having a supportive partner and a flexible work environment at Rakuten Symphony also helps immensely.

Finally, what advice would you give to young professionals looking to make their mark?

Be open to learning and stepping out of your comfort zone because your unique experiences and background can be your greatest strength. I have learned that the path to success is rarely linear, so it is important to be patient, stay driven,and cherish the journey.

And don’t hesitate to indulge in your multifaceted interests – they are hot pockets of creativity. Take charge of your career and embrace the limitless possibilities that arise when passion, resilience and a willingness to learn drive one's career.




62323 Postings, 7082 Tage LibudaRaktuen Card x Rakuten Mobile x Visa

10.03.24 14:45

62323 Postings, 7082 Tage LibudaRakuten Strongest Plan Business

10.03.24 16:17
Rakuten Mobile benannte den Unternehmensplan in "Rakuten Strongest Plan Business" um und begann auch, die Desktop-Version von "Rakuten Link Office" anzubieten

8. März 2024 16:22



62323 Postings, 7082 Tage LibudaRakuten Mobile running forward strong

10.03.24 17:21

62323 Postings, 7082 Tage LibudaThe target of Rakuten Mobile

10.03.24 21:31

62323 Postings, 7082 Tage LibudaBest way to predict the future is to create it.

10.03.24 22:38

62323 Postings, 7082 Tage LibudaNISA booming strong

11.03.24 09:34

62323 Postings, 7082 Tage LibudaA Key Partner For Telcos In Europe

11.03.24 11:48


Rakuten TV, one of Europe's leading streaming platforms, has consolidated its position as a key partner for telecommunications, announcing multiple new deals in Europe at MWC 2024. Rakuten TV has secured new partnership agreements with telecommunications companies and TV Platforms in different European countries, with the aim of increasing their reach and offering quality content to the customers of these companies.

Telco agreements are one of the main pillars of Rakuten TV’s strategy, which began through its first partnership with Orange in Spain in 2022 and 1&1 in Germany in 2023. Following these successes, the platform continues to expand its work with telcos and TV Platforms throughout Europe.

Rakuten TV and 1&1 extend their initial agreement that included more than 6,000 titles available for both rental and purchase (TVOD) by adding hundreds of titles that will be offered on demand completely free of charge (AVOD) to their subscribers. The company's collaboration with 1&1 comes as part of a wider partnership with the Group's companies, with Rakuten Symphony providing infrastructure to the German telco and Rakuten Advertising managing Rakuten TV's advertising inventory.

Rakuten TV also announces a new avenue to maximize the distribution of its services through alliances with two key TV platforms (content aggregators) that offer services to telcos; Agile TV and Masmedia TV.



62323 Postings, 7082 Tage LibudaRakuten's newest international tie-ups

11.03.24 17:44
In brief: Rakuten's international tie-ups announced during MWC Barcelona 2024




62323 Postings, 7082 Tage LibudaOn track for 7 million mobile customers

12.03.24 13:56

Rakuten Mobile is on track for 7 million mobile customers during April 2024.



62323 Postings, 7082 Tage LibudaRakuten Steals the Show at Mobile World Congress

13.03.24 11:01
Rakuten Steals the Show at Mobile World Congress Barcelona 2024

5 hours ago

More than 100,000 visitors, from across the globe, came together in-person last month for Mobile World Congress Barcelona 2024 (MWC), the world’s largest and most influential annual connectivity event.

Returning to MWC for the fifth time, Rakuten made its presence felt at the event with a captivating lineup of speaker sessions at the Rakuten booth, experience zones offering visitors in-depth info about the company’s cutting-edge product offerings, meetings with industry leaders, and more.

Under the banner of “Telecom Reinvented,” Rakuten showcased its pioneering software-first approach to building and operating mobile networks, highlighting its AI capabilities, comprehensive ecosystem and mission to connect everybody.

The Rakuten Booth featured a busy schedule of speaker sessions throughout the four-day event, including headlining presentations from Rakuten Group Chairman and CEO Mickey Mikitani and Rakuten Mobile co-CEO Sharad Sriwastawa, who both provided updates on the company’s ambitious vision for driving innovation in global telecom.

Amit Patel, CEO of Rakuten International spoke in front of an enthusiast audience on Day 1 of MWC about Rakuten International’s diverse range of businesses, sharing how these entities can help with retention, engagement and monetization from a telco standpoint. Cedric Defour, CEO of Rakuten TV and Ofir Eyal, CEO of Rakuten Viber followed Patel’s opening by offering insights into their innovative content services, messaging app offerings, and the relevant synergies they have been able to build with partners.

“We started this journey about six years ago when nobody really believed virtualization for RAN was going to work,” said Mikitani, during his Day 2 keynote address. “We were the challenger and we decided to take the journey to democratize wireless networks.”

A pioneering partnership in Europe brought 1&1 CEO Michael Martin together with Rakuten Symphony Chief Business Officer Rabih Dabboussi and telecom industry analyst Roy Chua to discuss the recent launch of 1&1’s mobile services in Germany.

Noted Dabboussi during the session, “our intent and vision is to really transform industries across the globe by demonstrating models that are better than the past.”  

Later in Day 2, Sriwastawa shared the stage with AT&T’s SVP of Technology & Network Services Yigal Elbaz and industry analyst Chetan Sharma, to discuss operational transformation in the era of AI.
Headlining Day 3 was a fascinating panel discussion focused on Rakuten’s transformative approach to leveraging AI in telecom. Moderated by Appledore Research’s Robert Curran, the session included Rakuten’s Chief Data Officer Ting Cai, Rakuten Symphony OSS Head Rahul Atri and Rakuten Mobile CTO Madhukiran Medithe.

“People always talk about AI, but what are we achieving from it? What is the ROI? The efficiency? And how are you evolving your organization to be AI-native? That is what we specialize in,” asserted Atri. He also spoke about the integral role of ecosystem technologies and the advantage that Rakuten Symphony enjoys of having Rakuten Mobile as its first customer and innovation sandbox.
Noted Cai during the session, “with all our ecosystem capabilities, we can enable telcos to move up the value chain – beyond operating the network to offer value-added services such a marketing, advertising and search – connecting customers with the services we provide.

During MWC 2024, Rakuten made significant announcements regarding a number of global partnerships. On Day 1, Rakuten announced a partnership with OpenAI to develop and deliver advanced AI tools tailored for the telecommunications industry. On the same day, Rakuten Symphony launched the “Real Open RAN Licensing Program,” facilitating global adoption of its award-winning Open RAN software.

Additionally, Rakuten signed a Letter of Intent with Kyivstar, committing to assist in rebuilding Ukraine’s digital infrastructure using Open RAN and 5G technologies.

Rakuten and Kyivstar leadership signed a letter of intent at the Rakuten booth.

Collaboration with NOW Telecom initiated a 5G Open RAN Pilot Deployment in the Philippines, accelerating the adoption of 5G technology and Rakuten Mobile partnered with Nokia to deploy “Platinum Band” mobile network radios in Japan, promising enhanced connectivity for users.
NOW Telecom and Rakuten Symphony will collaborate on a 5G Open RAN pilot deployment.

Rakuten Symphony announced that The UK Department for Science, Innovation and Technology has procured Rakuten Symphony’s OpenRAN for use in the United Kingdom TelecomS Labs (UKTL).

The company also announced that Telecom Egypt, the country’s first fully integrated telecom operator, marked a historic milestone with the first successful trial call via Open RAN technology in North Africa in collaboration with Cisco, and the global Telecom Infra Project (TIP).

Rakuten Mobile and Rakuten Symphony’s commitment to innovation and excellence was acknowledged as it received the “Market Development and Monetization Award” at the Global TD-LTE Initiative (GTI) Awards 2024. This recognition underscores Rakuten’s prowess in leveraging AI for proactive network maintenance and optimizing service quality.

With over 135 meetings, a vibrant booth celebration event and a handful of major partnership announcements, Rakuten’s attendance at MWC 2024 was nothing short of impactful. As the telecom industry evolves, Rakuten is continuing to lead the way, redefining standards and driving innovation to create a more connected world.




62323 Postings, 7082 Tage Libuda15 Best eBay Alternatives to Try in 2024

13.03.24 14:17

Maleha Afzal

Tue, March 12, 2024

Rakuten Group, Inc. (OTC:RKUNY)

Total Site Visits as of March 10, 2024: 98.15 Million

Rakuten Group, Inc. (OTC:RKUNY) ranks ninth on our list of the best eBay alternatives to try in 2024. The company is based in Japan. The Rakuten marketplace is home to more than 3,500 stores. Customers can find all types of items on the marketplace including clothing items, travel deals, electronics, and toys. Rakuten Group, Inc. (OTC:RKUNY) has total site visits of 98.15 million.



62323 Postings, 7082 Tage LibudaValutation of Viber by $30 billion for Telegram?

14.03.24 16:55

Telegram eyes IPO as user numbers close in on 1 billion
Chat app chaps may even turn a profit this year

Tue 12 Mar 2024 // 13:20 UTC

Telegram's CEO has begun discussing an initial public offering (IPO) as the messaging platform's user count nears the billion mark.

Speaking to the UK's Financial Times, Telegram boss Pavel Durov expressed hope the company might become profitable in 2024 or 2025, meaning listing its shares would be a distinct possibility in the near future.

The company passed 700 million users in 2022 and added a paid tier dubbed "Premium." In 2021, the company launched Sponsored Messages, which it described as "minimalist, privacy-conscious advertisements that can appear in certain public channels."

Despite the addition of the money-making extras, Telegram's user count has continued to grow. According to Durov, it now stands at 900 million users. If that growth is sustained, a figure of 1 billion before the end of 2024 is possible.

According to Durov, potential investors have offered the company valuations in the order of $30 billion, although it is currently considering a possible IPO.



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