Rakuten wesentlich besser als Rocket

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62321 Postings, 7081 Tage LibudaIch hoffe ja auch für Poldi, dass es in Japan

24.07.17 21:47
ein Schachspiel mit Würfeln gibt, denn auf ein Journalistenfrage, wie er den Fußballspielen so allgemein interpretieren würde, soll Poldi geantwortet haben: "Fußball ist so ähnlich wie Schach - nur ohne Würfel."

Also viel Glück beim Würfeln Poldi, denn Rakuten ist schließlich auch mein Ding.  


62321 Postings, 7081 Tage LibudaRakuten investiert in Besser-als-Uber

29.07.17 23:45

62321 Postings, 7081 Tage LibudaMit dem Schriftzug auf Brust funktioniert Poldi

30.07.17 22:27

62321 Postings, 7081 Tage LibudaPoldi und Messi sind jetzt "Kollegen"

30.07.17 22:33

62321 Postings, 7081 Tage LibudaUmnsatzentwiciklung okay

06.08.17 12:48

677 Postings, 2826 Tage cfgiDie Marge

07.08.17 21:10
lässt allerdings zu wünschen übrig, besonders im Internet service.  


62321 Postings, 7081 Tage LibudaNapster und Rakuten

20.08.17 15:27

62321 Postings, 7081 Tage LibudaDie Diskrepanz der Entwicklung

20.08.17 21:09
dieser beiden von mir gehaltenen Aktien kann ich nach wie vor nicht ganz erklären, zumal sich die unterschiedliche Entwicklung noch ausgeweitet hat.




677 Postings, 2826 Tage cfgiÄhnliches gilt für Rakuten vs. MercadoLibre.

21.08.17 12:36
Die Sichtbarkeit für Rakuten im angelsächsischen Raum ist halt sehr begrenzt.


62321 Postings, 7081 Tage LibudaVielleicht kann der ja dem Kurs mal Beine machen

27.08.17 10:57

62321 Postings, 7081 Tage Libudazu 134, Das sehe ich nicht ganz so

27.08.17 20:31

62321 Postings, 7081 Tage Libudazu #136

27.08.17 21:03
We are a leading global company with a unique ecosystem of Internet services that serves nearly 800 million members. We're known for our dominance in the ecommerce market in Japan and we’re pioneering internet-based financial services (in Japan) across credit card, banking and payments. We’re challenging the status quo in digital media around the globe, with Kobo, Overdrive, Viki and Wuaki.TV, for championing the evolution of global messaging with Viber. We are ranked #17 on Forbes “Most Innovative Companies” list. In the U.S., we have brought together a unique set of Internet services that will change the way retailers and marketers go about their ecommerce business. With Rakuten Marketing, Ebates and Slice, marketers have the platform and data intelligence to reach consumers at the moment they want to make a purchase. Rakuten provides the opportunities to grow of a large dynamic and innovative company, along with the entrepreneurial environment of a startup. With over 12,000 employees, our global footprint spans six continents and multiple industries. In the U.S, we are investing in growth with new regional headquarters in Silicon Valley established in 2015 and mapping out the future with technological innovation, investments and acquisitions.



62321 Postings, 7081 Tage LibudaRakuten auch in Deutschland massiv aktiv

03.09.17 21:08

Ich habe hier schon mehrfach eingekauft und wurde dabei nie enttäuscht.  


62321 Postings, 7081 Tage LibudaBarcelona an der Angel

03.09.17 21:12

7180 Postings, 2468 Tage CoshaIn Sachen Kursentwicklung

03.09.17 21:16
ein klassisches Non Event.
Da hätte man mit seinem Geld aber viel viel besseres anstellen können.  

62321 Postings, 7081 Tage LibudaWenn die Zahlen zutreffen, ist Rakuten

10.09.17 11:26
allerdings auch nicht ganz billig.



62321 Postings, 7081 Tage LibudaHier wird "nur" ein P/E von 35 ausgewiesen

10.09.17 11:44
Rakuten Inc  
-16.00 (-1.24%)
Sep 8 - Close
Currency in JPY
Range 1,275.50 - 1,291.00
52 week 1,024.50 - 1,407.50
Open 1,279.00
Vol. 0.00
Mkt cap 1.83T
P/E 35.11


62321 Postings, 7081 Tage LibudaUnd wie bein Konkurrenten Amazon ist Wachstum

10.09.17 11:47

62321 Postings, 7081 Tage LibudaRakuten invests in genetic health testing

10.09.17 11:52

Aug. 26 07:04 am JST

Rakuten Inc has announced it has invested in genetic health testing pioneer Genesis Healthcare Co, receiving a 1.4 billion yen issue of new shares. Rakuten Chairman and CEO Hiroshi Mikitani will join Genesis Healthcare’s board of directors as an external board director.

Genesis Healthcare, founded in 2004, already manages one of the largest genetic databases in Asia and Japan, with approximately 520,000 individuals as of August, 2017, and plans to increase its database size to one million by 2020. While Genesis Healthcare offers various genetic testing services to government, medical professionals, academia, industry and consumers, it also offers healthcare and disease prevention test kits and IT services under the consumer brand “GeneLife” in order to enrich people’s lives through personalized genetic testing.

Genesis Healthcare’s founder and president, Dr Iri Sato Baran, commented, “The investment by Rakuten, a Japan leader in internet services, will allow us to increase awareness of genetic information technology through digital healthcare for the betterment of personalized health and self-medication.”



62321 Postings, 7081 Tage LibudaGlobal brand headquartered in the Japanese capital

26.09.17 23:30
As recently as five years ago, Rakuten was still predominantly a Japanese team. But in March 2010, in a move I believe was key to our subsequent growth, I announced “Englishnization,” a plan to make English our corporate language within two years. The goal was to lay the groundwork for global expansion in an industry that competes aggressively for Internet-savvy talent.
When I announced Englishnization, only 10% of our workforce was proficient in English. Unsurprisingly, some on my team were apprehensive; others, especially those outside the firm, thought I was a little crazy. But, just seven years later, titans of corporate Japan are seeking our advice in how to build a global brand headquartered in the Japanese capital.



62321 Postings, 7081 Tage Libudajoint venture with real estate listing operator

27.09.17 12:32
E-commerce giant Rakuten Inc. recently announced the launch of a joint venture with real estate listing operator Lifull Co. Rakuten Lifull Stay Inc. aims to begin offering services after the law takes effect sometime in the first half of next year.

Rakuten is a household name in Japan, with 90 million members, its own professional baseball team and a platform that offers myriad services from banking and credit cards to travel and e-books. Lifull, on the other hand, operates a real estate and housing information site with around 8 million listings, and the firm has a network of more than 22,000 affiliated real estate stores.
“I think it’s an ideal joint venture — Lifull can reach corporate clients while Rakuten can reach out to individual customers,” Munekatsu Ota, representative director and chief operating officer of the new company, told The Japan Times in an interview.

The venture has so far announced a series of partnerships with major players, including American powerhouse HomeAway and China’s largest vacation rental site, Tujia.



62321 Postings, 7081 Tage LibudaRakuten Marketing Launches Customized Dashboards

29.09.17 12:20
Rakuten Marketing Launches Customized Dashboards for Brands; New Feature Creates Branded Experience to Attract Influencers and Niche Publisher Partners

SAN MATEO, Calif., Sept. 28, 2017 /PRNewswire/ -- Rakuten Marketing, a leading technology company that enables brands to increase sales through data-driven marketing, today launched another addition to its robust technology suite for affiliate marketers – Partnership Dashboard. Personalized with the client's own branding, this customizable platform provides a white-label gateway for advertisers to recruit and nurture affiliate relationships with influencers, sales associates and publishers who expect a one-to-one relationship with their brand partners. The Rakuten Marketing Partnership Dashboard better positions advertisers to engage partners who aren't already familiar with affiliate marketing by providing a more comfortable and easy-to-use interface that delivers the features, benefits and tracking of the central Rakuten Marketing Affiliate dashboard.



62321 Postings, 7081 Tage LibudaDie Alternative heißt m.E. Rakuten

30.09.17 08:44
How to Bet on Amazon Without Actually Buying Its Insanely Expensive Stock
John Waggoner
Aug 22, 2017

But is there some way to bet on the boom in online retailing without buying Amazon stock?

It's hard to knock Amazon, which has disrupted most of retail. Despite a mid-summer slide, Amazon shares are still up more than 30% this year. The stock trades at a vertiginous 249 times its past year's operating earnings.

Other e-tailers are also in nosebleed territory: Netflix trades at a price/earnings ratio of 207; Grubhub's P/E is 80; and Alibaba clocks in at 63.



62321 Postings, 7081 Tage LibudaThe less bumpy way to ride e-commerce = Rakuten

30.09.17 09:37
VALUATION MEASURES 2017e 2018e 2019e 2020e
P/E Ratio 21.76 19.59 16.43 13.50


62321 Postings, 7081 Tage Libudazu 148/9

30.09.17 14:45
Ich kann jedenfalls nicht nachvollziehen,warum Amazon ein 11,4-mal so großes KGV hat wie Rakuten.  


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