MOTRICITY Inc./Big Momentum/wohin? $10 oder $0,10

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2682 Postings, 4677 Tage lady luckMOTRICITY Inc./Big Momentum/wohin? $10 oder $0,10

26.10.11 13:16



die zahlen des nächsten Q werden für die weitere zukunft des unternehmens von entscheidender (...) sein.

Motricity to Report Third Quarter 2011

Results and Host Quarterly Conference Call on November 14th Motricity, Inc. (MM) (NASDAQ:MOTR) September 2011 to October 2011

Motricity (Nasdaq:MOTR), a leading provider of mobile Internet services, today announced it will report its fiscal third quarter financial results for the period ended September 30, 2011 following the close of market on Monday, November 14, 2011. On that day, management will hold a conference call and webcast at 2:00 p.m. PT to review and discuss the Company's results for the fiscal third quarter. What:   Motricity Third Quarter Fiscal 2011 Financial Results Conference Call     When:   Monday, November 14, 2011     Time:   2:00 p.m. PT     Live Call:   1-877-941-1427     Replay:  1-800-406-7325, passcode 4482262#    (Available until 11:59 p.m. PT on November 21, 2011)     Webcast:

About Motricity, Inc.  Motricity (Nasdaq:MOTR) empowers mobile operators, brands and advertising agencies to maximize the reach and economic potential of the mobile ecosystem through the delivery of relevance-driven merchandising, marketing and advertising solutions. Motricity leverages advanced predictive analytics capabilities to deliver the right content, to the right person at the right time. Motricity provides their entire suite of mobile data service solutions through one, integrated, highly scalable managed service platform. Motricity's unique combination of technology, expertise and go-to-market approach deliver definitive return-on-investment for our mobile operator, brand and advertising agency customers. For more information, visit or follow the company on Twitter @motricity.  The Motricity, Inc. logo is available at


Motricity          Media Contact:          Meghan Graves          (425) 638-8211                    Investor Relations Contact:          Joanie Lam          The Blueshirt Group          (415) 489-2192

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2682 Postings, 4677 Tage lady luckKumuliert schön, +22% heute

23.12.11 22:30

2682 Postings, 4677 Tage lady luckC. Icahn on MOTR

23.12.11 22:33

2682 Postings, 4677 Tage lady luckstock tech Analysis

23.12.11 23:58

2682 Postings, 4677 Tage lady luckupdate holder concentration etc

24.12.11 00:04

2682 Postings, 4677 Tage lady luckShort Interest vs. Float 28.45% per 15.12.

30.12.11 12:13
bin zwar seit 21.12. wieder mit einer position auf long, denke aber, es ist noch ein wenig vorsicht geboten (siehe post#26) and see

2682 Postings, 4677 Tage lady luckbuy, sell or hold....

30.12.11 12:17
...wieder mal so ein nichtssagender motley foll "tralala" artikel. für beide seiten (shorts & longs), also für jeden was dabei!

2682 Postings, 4677 Tage lady luckneue technolgien, MOTR spielt mit!

30.12.11 12:21
The Bottom Line
While the rise of the web-enabled smartphone is already boosting sales of restaurants that do this kind of marketing well, the bigger beneficiaries of this paradigm shift are the companies that actually perform this kind of service. Velti PLC was named as one; it struck a major deal with Subway. Motricity (Nasdaq:MOTR) is another one; it develops apps and websites for viewing on mobile devices. Unfortunately, Motricity and Velti PLC have had checkered recent pasts, and both still appear to have lingering income statement challenges that aren't necessarily related to demand for mobile marketing services.

Either way, there's one clear reason why restaurant investors may want to respect a well-thought out mobile marketing plan, or be wary of a poor one - the redemption rate of mobile coupons is nearly 25% higher than printed internet coupons and about 10 times higher than mail or newspaper coupons and are only a fraction of the cost. That's game-changing, for better or worse. (Learn ways to receive free advertising, read 9 Tips For Getting Free Publicity For Your Business.)

hier der volle artikel:
Restaurants that figure out how to make this new technology work stand to gain a fortune. Restaurants that don't figure it out stand to lose business.

2682 Postings, 4677 Tage lady lucknett: option call $1 f. 0.15 / strike per 12.02.12

30.12.11 12:28
interessant auch, derzeit keine put option für strike per 12.02.
Discover the MOTR options chain with both straddle and stacked view on Yahoo! Finance. View Motricity, Inc. options listings by expiration date.

2682 Postings, 4677 Tage lady luckwieder shorten? abwarten!

07.01.12 02:02

2682 Postings, 4677 Tage lady luckich warte noch - könnt ja noch was kommen

10.01.12 13:25

2682 Postings, 4677 Tage lady luckmeinte, warte noch mit einer putoption...

10.01.12 13:26

2682 Postings, 4677 Tage lady luckbuyout bzw. takeover wahrscheinlich

10.01.12 16:46
d.h. turnaround bzw. PPS bei $ 1.80 möglich!

thanks ronnieD:
the Icahn group is going to more than double their
ownership level with the subsciption rights, likely
approaching owning half the company.
not only is Brett on the BOD, also is Carl Icahn's
son-in-law, Hunter Gary. That's 2 of a 5-member board.
Moreover, Jim Smith, who took the CEO position from
founder Ryan Wuerch (whose mismanagement got him ousted
from both CEO and BOD) is only an interim CEO doing cleanup.
A buyout is a strong possibility here. There are not many
pure plays on mobile marketing.  

2682 Postings, 4677 Tage lady luckissja ein spassiger titel, die MOTR

12.01.12 11:09
auf long gehen ab USD 0,70 oder 0,40 ?
und einen möglichen buyout verpassen...
ich bleib an der sideline, ist mir zu stressig heute!


2682 Postings, 4677 Tage lady luckhu... MOTR @ $0.80

13.01.12 19:24

2682 Postings, 4677 Tage lady luckclose its operations in Asia

20.01.12 00:54
Investing - Learn the basics of investing. Find tutorials, investing strategies and expert advice.
9:38AM Motricity announced it will close its operations in Asia (MOTR) 0.82 0.00 : Co has taken significant steps to reorganize the co in order to capitalize on changing customer and market conditions. As part of the realignment, the co has decided to close its operations in Asia. This shift will enable Motricity to concentrate efforts on the burgeoning opportunity the co sees in the mobile advertising and enterprise space, while continuing to provide focused service to the largest carriers in North America. In addition to hiring sales resources to focus on market opportunities in North America and expand its penetration into carriers, the Company is also investing in product development. Work is underway on the next version of products designed to expand Motricity's current suite of solutions and services.  

2682 Postings, 4677 Tage lady luckkommt mir von woher bekannt vor, restrukturierung

20.01.12 00:56

Motricity Restructures Operations and Increases Strategic Focus on Mobile Enterprise and Advertising Markets


2682 Postings, 4677 Tage lady luckhaha, super 8-K

20.01.12 00:58

2682 Postings, 4677 Tage lady luck8-K/A_Termination of a Material Definitive Agreemt

20.01.12 01:00

2682 Postings, 4677 Tage lady luck#42: ich warte lieber bis 0.40

20.01.12 01:17
bis dahin vielleicht ein kurze kleine putoption gefällig?
lady luck, lustiger threadtitel übrigens. wo soll da das big momentum sein?
na beim herrn diluter natürlich, blö** ku* zieh leine  

2682 Postings, 4677 Tage lady luckschwierig, kann aber auch schnell up gehen...

22.01.12 02:06
Is Motricity, Inc. (NASDAQ: MOTR) Capable of Providing Value as a Mobile Data Solutions and Services Company? | OTC Equity
While it?s hard not to look at a struggling company like Motricity, Inc. (NASDAQ: MOTR) and think maybe there?s a chance they could rebound and produce a nice
Is Motricity, Inc. (NASDAQ: MOTR) Capable of Providing Value as a Mobile Data Solutions and Services Company?  

2682 Postings, 4677 Tage lady luckneues Form3

03.02.12 11:19

Investopedia explains 'Form 3'
This document must be filed with the SEC no later than 10 days after an insider becomes affiliated with a company, and it must be filed for each company in which a person is an insider, regardless of whether or not the insider has an equity position in the company at that time.


1398 Postings, 4885 Tage batscherderfliesenhallo,

06.02.12 17:27

2682 Postings, 4677 Tage lady luckna und wie

06.02.12 18:00

2682 Postings, 4677 Tage lady luck@ $1.41 /hod $1.68 ...damn, bin viel zu früh raus

06.02.12 22:57

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