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the possibility of signifiant EBITDA margin expansion...

.....Plug Power plunged by 60% in the last 12 months. It’s worth noting that PLUG stock has been largely sideways since November 2023. It’s an early indication that the stock has bottomed and I expect a big rally from current levels.

From a fundamental perspective, there are two reasons to be bullish. First, potential rate cuts would imply lower cost of money. This is likely to benefit Plug Power with the Company having aggressive investment plans.

Further, Plug Power recently announced that the Company has received a conditional loan guarantee of $1.66 billion from the U.S. Department of Energy. The loan would be used to finance the construction of six green hydrogen facilities. This news is likely to boost the confidence of investors. Further, in a meme stock rally, this is a perfect catalyst for PLUG stock to surge higher.

I must add that Plug Power is looking to expand beyond the United States. As global hydrogen investments increase, there is ample headroom for growth and value creation.

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könnte die Ausbreitung der Wasserstoff Phantasien bremsen.

Unter 2,80 wird noch mal ein wenig aufgestockt.
Hab mich leider bluffen lassen und zu 3,10  wieder gekauft.
Morgen wegen Feiertag nur geringer Handel erwartet.  

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30.05.24 12:42
Speaker at the US Decarbonization and Industrial Transition Summit...
 US Decarbonization & Industrial Transition Summit 2024 - FTLive Event
Financial Times US Decarbonization & Industrial Transition Summit 2024 is a one-day hybrid event for energy sector leaders, government officials, business leaders, and technology experts to discuss the challenges of securing critical minerals and technology.

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Der H2-Produktion. Das ist mal ne Hausnummer. Danke Squideye tolle Nachricht


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in den News-Kanälen scheinbar U-Boot gefahren...  

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also wenn das mal ansatzweise umgesetzt wird , geht es hier ab ..wie am Wühltisch bei Aldi wenn Donnertags Angebote da sind  


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Wenn es 10Mrd. Zuschuss gibt, dann geht's am Ende um bis zu 40Mrd. Investitionen. Das und der Zeitraum zur Realisierung macht sehr viel Zuversicht.
Aber besser auf Taten warten.


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4378 Postings, 1519 Tage SquideyeIt is Crunchtime for a New Generation of

03.06.24 12:27

of Climate Startups.

Hundreds of companies are racing to turn new technologies and investor cash into big businesses.

There is something more important going on in the Welsh city of Wrexham than two Hollywood stars making a feel-good TV show about a little-known soccer team.

At a swampy site just outside of town, Material Evolution is building a factory to make a low-carbon alternative to cement, a big contributor to global emissions. It is facing a tougher climb than the local soccer team’s highly publicized effort to get promoted.

Hundreds of young climate companies like Material Evolution are burning through cash and racing to turn new technologies into big businesses. The transition period is called the “valley of death” because so few startups survive it.

The success of at least some of these startups is crucial to the world’s efforts to limit climate change. But companies in their early stages are often derailed by blown budgets, engineering failures and any number of unexpected hazards.

“Everybody says there’s a playbook,” said Liz Gilligan, chief executive of Material Evolution. “There’s no playbook.” Had she known how hard it would be to develop industrial technology, she would have started a software company, Gilligan jokes.

At stake are tens of billions of investor dollars and technologies aimed at reshaping swaths of the economy, such as cleaner fuels for ships and planes and longer-lasting batteries for electric cars. That is all while executives navigate uncertainty about interest rates, trade policy and government subsidies.

A previous funding boom for clean technology ended badly. After pouring $25 billion into the sector between 2006 and 2011, venture capitalists lost more than half that by 2015 after many startups failed.

More recently, a wave of clean-energy startups that went public during a 2020 and 2021 fundraising peak collapsed. Electric-vehicle startups Fisker and Lordstown Motors are among those that filed for bankruptcy or are teetering on the edge.

Building any startup is “one long valley of death with occasional breaks,” said David Yeh, a climate-technology investor and former adviser in President Obama’s White House. For many companies, he said the most treacherous time is building the first factory.

In Wales, Material Evolution plans to produce its cement alternative by processing waste materials from steelmaking at the site of a customer’s concrete-products factory. The process uses a reactor that Gilligan likens to a giant blender. It runs on electricity at low temperatures, slashing the pollution generated when making regular cement by heating limestone with fossil fuels.

Construction has delivered many curveballs for the company’s first factory near Wrexham, which became famous when actors Ryan Reynolds and Rob McElhenney bought the soccer team in 2020.

There were worries the boggy ground wouldn’t support the factory, and that an amphibian—the great crested newt, known for foiling British building plans—would delay the project. The lowest moment came early this year, when Material Evolution wasn’t sure how to get enough electricity to the site.

“You feel really stupid, because everyone tells you you should have checked,” Gilligan said.

In the U.S., another climate start up ran into snarls trying to build one of the country’s first projects to make green hydrogen, a potential replacement for fossil fuels in steelmaking and chemical production.

Plug Power CEO Andy Marsh said the biggest headache with the facility in southeast Georgia was installing the freezer-like chiller and liquefier system that is needed to transport and store liquid hydrogen. The system is bigger than a football field and keeps hydrogen at negative 423 degrees Fahrenheit.

Plug Power thought preparation and installation would take a few weeks. It ended up taking five months to ensure the system wouldn’t be vulnerable to contamination. The delay escalated pressure on Plug Power, which was burning through cash.

“It was much, much more painful than I ever thought it could be,” Marsh said.

After repeated delays, production began in January, helping Plug secure a $1.66 billion federal loan commitment to build bigger plants. The program is part of the Biden administration’s billions of dollars in subsidies for earlier-stage climate technologies.  

Winning government support doesn’t guarantee success, and meeting the conditions for funds can take years.

Meanwhile, some start ups are shifting strategies to survive.

Origin Materials, which aims to make plastics and other materials out of plants, went public in 2021 hoping to fund its own factories. But after the pandemic snarled supply chains, construction costs for its first commercial plant in Ontario, Canada, rose more than 10% and the factory’s completion was delayed for months before production began last year.

The speed bumps forced Origin to slash 30% of its roughly 200 employees.

Origin has postponed its goal of producing large amounts of plant-based chemicals at its own factories. Instead, it is finding partners that can help it build plants and products that can be mass-produced quickly, such as a recycled-plastic bottle cap. Its shares are down about 90% since its listing.

“It’s already difficult building first-of-a-kind plants and plants in general,” said John Bissell, Origin’s co-CEO. “You layer all of these other global shenanigans on top of everything else, and it just gets really difficult and really expensive.”

For Gilligan, the green-cement CEO, risks remain. There is always a chance, for example, that something causes the cement mixture to clog. Still, Gilligan expects the factory in Wales to start up on time and on budget this summer.

Thanks to the plant’s 30-feet-deep foundation, the boggy ground proved firm enough to bear hundreds of tons of cement silos and trucks. An ecological survey found newts—but safely down the road and now protected by a fence. Securing power required a new trench and a cable, not a bigger overhaul that could have taken over a year.

The factory will have an annual production capacity of 150,000 metric tons of cement—about 1% of the U.K.’s needs. Material Evolution, which last year raised 15 million pounds of venture capital, equivalent to roughly $19 million, is now considering site and funding options for future plants. Does it feel like Gilligan is escaping the valley?  

“Depends on the day of the week,” she said.

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03.06.24 13:25
Short auf Plug Power mehr als riskant!

1112 Postings, 1226 Tage SouthernTraderTruist behält Kursziel von 3 Dollar - Hold

04.06.24 12:39
Artikel ist vom Freitag, aber insgesamt interessant. Truist Securities bleiben nach Gespräch mit dem Plug Power Management bei ihrem vorsichtigen Kursziel, in Kenntnis der Auswirkungen der bedingten Kreditgarantie des US-Energieministeriums (DOE).

Truist maintains hold rating on Plug Power stock with $3.00 PT

On Friday, Truist Securities maintained a Hold rating on shares of Plug Power (NASDAQ:PLUG), with a steady price target of $3.00. The firm's stance follows a recent meeting with Plug Power's management, which provided insights into the company's financial strategies and production outlook.

The meeting highlighted Plug Power's use of its At-The-Market (ATM) offering program as a means to address immediate liquidity concerns. Additionally, a conditional loan guarantee from the Department of Energy (DoE) has been seen as a positive step towards the company's expansion of hydrogen (H2) production capabilities in the long term.

Despite these developments, Truist Securities expressed caution, anticipating a more extended period before Plug Power reaches gross margin (GM) breakeven. The firm also adjusted its revenue projections for the years 2024 and 2025, setting them below the consensus estimates on Wall Street.

The analyst from Truist Securities commented on the recent assessment, stating, "While the company's ATM program has helped alleviate nearer-term liquidity concerns & the conditional DoE loan guarantee gives us some more confidence in the longer-term scale up of H2 production, we continue to model a longer path to GM breakeven & lower 2024/2025 topline vs. street estimates."

The reiterated Hold rating and $3 price target reflect a cautious but stable outlook for Plug Power, as the company works towards its financial and production goals in the evolving hydrogen fuel market.


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04.06.24 20:35
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Soviel zu der "Analyse"  

1112 Postings, 1226 Tage SouthernTrader@Schlagergott

05.06.24 09:17
Nein, nicht "zufällig vergessen". Dass solche Artikel mit AI aus den Meldungen der Analysten generiert und dann von einem Redakteur nur noch reviewed werden, ist mittlerweile weit verbreitet. Das ändert aber nichts an den Aussagen von Truist Securities, die zitiert werden. Völlig unabhängig davon, ob man deren Einschätzung teilt.  

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