Alibaba kaufen, WalMart verkaufen

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188 Postings, 6410 Tage bergziege200 Tage in Sicht ...

16.11.15 22:18
Kursziel 90 ... Sieht doch gut aus ... Starten wir diese Woche mal deutlich nach oben durch?!  

2427 Postings, 3789 Tage Volker2014nee

19.11.15 22:37
zieht sich.... bis 90. erst kommt 80  

62311 Postings, 7081 Tage LibudaSeeks to Sell Stake in Chinese Technology Startup

22.11.15 21:15

Alibaba Seeks to Sell Stake in Chinese Technology Startup

Alibaba is shopping its stake in company in a deal that could be valued at $1 billion

Gillian Wong And Rick Carew

Nov. 22, 2015 2:44 a.m. ET

BEIJING—E-commerce company Alibaba Group Holding Ltd. is looking to sell its stake in China’s leading online provider of movie ticketing, restaurant bookings and other on-demand services as it builds a competing platform of its own,.

Source: Read more at Wallstreet Journakl

40 Postings, 3194 Tage andislimgroße Sprünge nach vorne heute

23.11.15 16:33
über 2€ Plus in nicht mal einer Stunde. die 80 kann man förmlich anfassen.
Was ist hier los? weiß jemand warum so plötzlich der Anstieg?  

749 Postings, 4277 Tage Tom Taylorandisim,

23.11.15 17:42
Alibaba ist in den letzten Monaten voll runter und
nach hervorragenden Zahlen geht's jetzt ab nach Norden!!!  

62311 Postings, 7081 Tage LibudaOb das aber das Gelbe vom Ei ist?

23.11.15 18:01

188 Postings, 6410 Tage bergziegeDie wollen ... ?

23.11.15 20:11
eine Zeitung kaufen?? naja ... Kann man wohl was verdienen damit, aber ob das in China klappt? Den Kurs scheints ja zu beflügeln ... :-)  

62311 Postings, 7081 Tage Libudaalibaba-backed-startups-have-different-news

25.11.15 14:49

188 Postings, 6410 Tage bergziegewird wohl positiv interpretiert :-))

25.11.15 16:08

62311 Postings, 7081 Tage Libudachina-sorgen-belasten

29.11.15 11:45

62311 Postings, 7081 Tage LibudaBekannlic anel sich die Kurse an Sorgen hoch

01.12.15 00:16
84,08 $   +3,32%  +2,70 $    

62311 Postings, 7081 Tage Libudado-hedge-funds-love-alibab?

01.12.15 17:28

3561 Postings, 5162 Tage Fred vom JupiterJetzt

01.12.15 17:38
sieht es charttechnisch recht gut aus für weiter steigende Kurse, über 86,5 USD dürfte sich nun doch (zumindest charttechnisch) reichlich Potential nach oben ergeben mit dem dann bestätigten neuen Aufwärtstrend seit Anfang Oktober.  

62311 Postings, 7081 Tage LibudaEine Meinung, mehr sicher nicht

02.12.15 22:51

62311 Postings, 7081 Tage LibudaAlibaba hat Deutschland und Frankreich

02.12.15 23:22

62311 Postings, 7081 Tage LibudaWe added to Alibaba (NYSE:BABA), ............

03.12.15 10:29
IBD: Did you do a lot of buying from the bargain bin this summer during the downturn?

Hamzaogullari: Yes, we added in the last quarter to five positions in total. We added to Alibaba (NYSE:BABA), Qualcomm (NASDAQ:QCOM), Procter & Gamble (NYSE:PG), Coca Cola (NYSE:KO) and to Schlumberger (NYSE:SLB).

Read More At Investor's Business Daily:


62311 Postings, 7081 Tage LibudaWenn das auch nur annähernd stimmten sollte,

05.12.15 23:08
was man unter folgender Adresse lesen kann,

dann wäre eigentlich das Limit der Sky, aber bekanntlich sind ja Prognosen deshalb so schwierig, weil sie in die Zukunft gerichtet sind – und das gilt sicher auch für erwartete KGV von nur 3,8 für 2017.

Rollierendes KGV (ttm, Intraday): 22,42
Erwartetes KGV (JE 31.03.2017)1: 3,80


62311 Postings, 7081 Tage LibudaSehe das ähnlich

06.12.15 10:48
Even though more stability means more modest growth, investors can find fast growing companies in China like Alibaba, perhaps the best emerging market stock to buy for next year. The company is the embodiment of China's move to an economy more geared towards internal consumption. It has altered how Chinese consumers buy and sell goods, aggregating China's population into a colossal, easier-to-access market. There are several catalysts that could drive Alibaba's stock price higher next year. The company is making considerable progress in monetizing its mobile offering, which should drive revenue higher in successive quarters, and it's also investing in analytics and logistics with its $4.6 billion injection into electronics retailer Suning.  

62311 Postings, 7081 Tage LibudaAlibaba ist eine der 5 rockets

06.12.15 21:33

62311 Postings, 7081 Tage LibudaA discounted cash-flow process is your best friend

06.12.15 23:00
Not only does it allow you to identify the substance of a company’s balance sheet, what it owns (similar to what you have in your own savings account less all debt), but it also encourages a focus on the future free cash flow stream of the entity (much like your salary after expenses, for example). Intrinsic value estimation provides the backbone behind the conviction that an investor gains in either sticking with an idea or throwing in the cards. You can perform discounted cash flow analysis, too.  
Let’s walk through a few examples to help explain this concept.
In mid-September, shares of Alibaba (BABA) had been in a tailspin, with investors growing concerned about the health of the Chinese economy and the impact on consumer spending. Relatively cautious comments by management also served to punish the Chinese e-commerce giant’s shares, all the way down to the high-$50s per share. It wasn’t looking good for shareholders.
But while others were calling for the company to fall another 50% from depressed levels, those that applied sound fundamental analysis backed by a discounted cash flow process were able to shrug such concerns off. In mid-September, Valuentum addressed “The Puzzling Attack on Alibaba,” walking through five distinct reasons why Alibaba shares would be resilient:
        1.§Alibaba is significantly free cash flow positive.
        2.§Alibaba’s valuation is not stretched.
        3.§Why no long-term focus?
        4.§Why is precision important?
        5.§Businesses are their future free cash flow streams.
From the time a large publisher ran a negative article on Alibaba in mid-September, shares have rallied 30%+, and we point to the conviction gained by employing a discounted cash-flow process as to why we weren’t spooked at all. Though no stock is a perpetual “buy” and we could look to remove shares of Alibaba from the Best Ideas Newsletter portfolio in the future, we continue to value the company north of $100 per share. Investing is not about precision within a discounted cash flow process – it’s about identifying large mispricings, considering companies that are trading at 50 cents on the dollar, for example.  

62311 Postings, 7081 Tage LibudaBlau-weiße Schals würden den Chinesen

08.12.15 00:00
nach meiner Meinung zwar sehr viel besser stehen, totzdem will ich Euch die folgende Nachricht nicht vorenthalten.  

62311 Postings, 7081 Tage Libudaalibaba-b2b-ubm-join-forces

13.12.15 01:02

62311 Postings, 7081 Tage Libudapartnerschaft-mit-walt-disney

20.12.15 13:06

62311 Postings, 7081 Tage Libudabulls-bet-alibaba-rally-spring

20.12.15 22:23

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