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62681 Postings, 7145 Tage Libudain 11800

22.05.24 16:20
reach $ 2 billion, too.  

62681 Postings, 7145 Tage LibudaRakuten, eBay team up to test US market

22.05.24 18:07
Rakuten, eBay team up to test US market for used Japanese fashion goods

May 22, 2024

Japan's Rakuten Group is partnering with eBay to test U.S. demand for used Japanese fashion goods, made all the cheaper with the yen trading near a 34-year low.

The tie-up, which started on May 8 with just seven vendors on Rakuten's second-hand goods unit Rakuma, aims to capitalise on the currency effect and also a move toward bargain hunting as cost-of-living pressures around the world crimp spending.

In exchange for commissions on sales, eBay lists Rakuma's selected goods for sale on its site, while a Rakuten-contracted vendor handles shipping and customer service in the U.S.

After the U.S., eBay's next biggest markets are Canada, Australia, the United Kingdom, and Germany, and its "ultimate goal" would be to expand Rakuma offerings to those countries, said Naoki Kitamura, eBay Japan's head of category management.


62681 Postings, 7145 Tage LibudaStrong Advertising Business

23.05.24 07:14
The advertising business recorded an increase in revenue (total sum of advertising sales in Japan recorded in each segment: Internet Services, FinTech and Mobil as group transactions) with sales of 51.8 billion yen, up 7.2% YoY in Q1 FY2024.


62681 Postings, 7145 Tage LibudaUsed Japanese fashion in US

23.05.24 17:26
Rakuten and eBay to trial demand for used Japanese fashion in US

Thu, May 23, 2024

Users of eBay's US site will be able to purchase some products listed on the Rakuma official shop. The focus is initially on used fashion and accessories.

Reuters quoted Rakuma general manager Kenichiro Hasegawa: "Because of the use of cases and covers ... these second-hand goods are in quite good shape. To say something is 'used in Japan' gives some immediate value."

Rakuten Rakuma believes that listing on eBay will enable it to expand its sales channels and promote overseas sales for store operators.

Rakuten has yet to set a sales target for the venture, but success with the initial vendors could lead to an expansion to include all Rakuma shops and users on eBay.

According to eBay Japan category management head Naoki Kitamura, the company aims to broaden the availability of Rakuma's offerings to Canada, Australia, the UK and Germany.


62681 Postings, 7145 Tage LibudaMore O-RAN standards please, says Rakuten Symphony

23.05.24 21:26
More O-RAN standards please, says Rakuten Symphony

22 May 2024

Japan’s Rakuten Mobile built an Open RAN network when the standards body, the O-RAN Alliance, was just in its infancy. More development of standards is needed to encourage Open RAN adoption, especially for operators of brownfield networks, according to Rahul Atri, Managing Director and President of OSS at Rakuten Symphony.

“We are glad that standards are coming through now and people are paying more attention, especially the big boys,” said Atri. “Standards open the opportunity for Rakuten and for the larger community to share capabilities. We believe that standards are a starting point. When we set up the Rakuten network in 2018, we had to go forward and start solving our problems. Now, we are converting those capabilities into platforms and applications which are more aligned to the Open RAN standards.”
Rakuten Symphony partners with Open RAN software vendor AirHop, and uses its apps on the Rakuten Symphony Symworld marketplace. The firm plans to integrate apps from other such partners into its RAN Intelligent Controller (RIC).

Only a handful of commercial operators have greenfield open RAN networks, which means that Rakuten Symphony’s client base will be largely brownfield – another reason why standards are so important to the firm, Atri said.

“It’s also more important when you’re a brownfield to go with standards. For example, if there are no standards, the likes of Nokia and Ericsson will want to charge extra to the brownfield customers for integration. So, the standards are a way to make everyone agree to certain level of compatibility integration, so that all the people can come online and solve a business problem.”


62681 Postings, 7145 Tage LibudaFrom Blueprint to Reality: O-RAN RIC

24.05.24 07:47
From Blueprint to Reality: O-RAN RIC Unveiled WHITEPAPER


62681 Postings, 7145 Tage LibudaSelf-Funding

24.05.24 23:03
EBITDA in 2024 will be after my estimates a minimum of 250,000 million Yen = $ 1.7 billion. But it can reach $ 2 billion, too.  

62681 Postings, 7145 Tage LibudaCase Studies - Rakuten Advertising (US)

25.05.24 08:04

62681 Postings, 7145 Tage LibudaTreatwell and Rakuten Advertising

25.05.24 09:28

62681 Postings, 7145 Tage LibudaA Deep Dive into Growth and Expansion

25.05.24 13:03
Rakuten FinTech Segment Q1 2024: A Deep Dive into Growth and Expansion

Norbert Gehrke

Rakuten’s FinTech segment is demonstrating remarkable growth and profitability, driven by a focus on customer acquisition, strategic partnerships, and innovative service offerings. The company’s ambitious plans for 2024, including the strategic reorganization and ongoing efforts to enhance payment services, suggest a commitment to continued success in the dynamic FinTech landscape.


62681 Postings, 7145 Tage LibudaDell and Rakuten Symphony join forces

25.05.24 17:12
Dell and Rakuten Symphony join forces for telecom and edge cloud innovation

By Mehran Hadipour
VP - BD & Tech Alliances Rakuten Symphony
May 20, 2024

I recently spoke with Eric Van Vliet, Dell Technologies’ Director for Telecom Market Development, EMEA, about the partnership between Dell and Rakuten Symphony.

Great synergy and focus exist between the two companies: Dell provides high-performance infrastructure and Rakuten Symphony brings cloud and telecom software innovations.

For Rakuten Symphony, this partnership is important because high-performance infrastructure is a big part of how we deliver our software solutions to operators, especially with Open RAN where there are dependencies on acceleration, hardware set up and so on.

Having launched its telecom infrastructure business in 2020, Dell Technologies has seen success in the market due to its emphasis on bringing innovation to operators. The relationship with Rakuten Symphony brings innovative cloud solutions that emphasize automation and AI for dramatic improvements in efficiency and management, and reduction in costs.

“Historically, if we’re looking at the telecom industry due to its critical nature to every country and every society it’s always difficult to innovate because with new innovation comes risk. But when society has evolved, and we saw this with 4G and 5G, there’s more and more demand. Now, if we’re looking at coming together as an ecosystem, it’s all about moving things forward, accelerating progress and helping the telecom service providers to take that next step.”
- Eric Van Vliet, Director for Telecom Market Development, EMEA, Dell Technologies

Rakuten Symphony is part of Dell’s Open Telecom Ecosystem Lab (OTEL) which offers a place where Dell, Rakuten Symphony and other ecosystem members can validate and certify their applications on Dell hardware. The OTEL is an important link in validating virtualized / containerized applications as well as Open RAN solutions that need integration.

Not limited to telecom

The innovation isn’t limited to telecom applications as we’ve also helped enterprises with processing analytics data at the edge. It’s a good example of collaboration as Dell was exploring edge computing and Rakuten Symphony was investigating analytics solutions. When both companies brought their work together a brand-new solution emerged.

Dell has integrated our Rakuten Cloud-Native Platform, Cloud-Native Orchestrator and Cloud-Native Storage into the Dell Validated Design for Analytics – Data Lakehouse. This design creates edge servers that can ingest large amounts of data and accommodate large data models. I co-authored a white paper on this solution with Dell and Intel.

Eric reminded us that operators and companies in other industries are facing a new environment with more competition, higher demand and a need to move faster to keep up with the expectations of customers. By working together, Dell and Rakuten Symphony can deliver the innovation that operators and enterprises need to navigate this new reality.


62681 Postings, 7145 Tage LibudaDell and Rakuten Symphony on their collaboration

26.05.24 10:30
Dell and Rakuten Symphony on their collaboration


Eric Van Vliet, Director of Telecom Market Development EMEA, Dell Technologies, talks about the close collaboration between Dell and Rakuten Symphony, highlighted by the private analytics solution aimed to address the evolving needs of customers.



62681 Postings, 7145 Tage LibudaViber solutions are helping brands grow

26.05.24 11:17
Success stories

Discover how Viber solutions are helping brands grow


62681 Postings, 7145 Tage LibudaDer AI-Zusammenfasser von Rakuten Viber

26.05.24 15:45
Der AI-Zusammenfasser von Rakuten Viber funktioniert folgendermaßen:

Erkennung: Wenn Sie einen Gruppenchat mit ungelesenen Nachrichten öffnen, erscheint ein Dialogfeld, das anbietet, eine Zusammenfassung des Gesprächs zu erstellen.

Analyse: Nachdem Sie auf ‘Zusammenfassen’ geklickt haben, analysiert die KI die Nachrichten und identifiziert Schlüsselpunkte wie Themen, Fragen, Vorschläge und Antworten.

Erstellung: Anschließend generiert sie eine prägnante Zusammenfassung, die das Wesentliche des Gesprächs einfängt.

Die KI-Technologie hinter diesem Feature stammt von OpenAI und ermöglicht es, wichtige Informationen aus bis zu 100 ungelesenen Nachrichten in einem Chat in einer knappen Zusammenfassung zu destillieren. Diese Innovation spart nicht nur Zeit und Energie, sondern verbessert auch die Entscheidungsfindung und Produktivität. Die Zusammenfassungen enthalten keine persönlichen Identifikatoren außer Benutzernamen, sodass spezifische Gespräche nicht extern mit Gruppenmitgliedern verknüpft werden können. Zudem greift Viber weder auf Gespräche noch auf Zusammenfassungen auf seinen Servern zu, was eine sichere und private Benutzererfahrung gewährleistet.

Diese Funktion ist ein Beispiel dafür, wie KI die Kommunikation effizienter und bequemer machen kann.  

62681 Postings, 7145 Tage LibudaCross 7 million subscribers end of this week

26.05.24 21:39
After my estimates Rakuten Mobile will cross 7 million subscribers at the end of next week.  

62681 Postings, 7145 Tage LibudaD2C-Logistik: der Fall der Firma Dreame

26.05.24 21:58
D2C-Logistik: der Fall der Firma Dreame

Dreame, ein chinesisches Unternehmen, das sich auf hochwertige Haushaltsgeräte spezialisiert hat. Während das Unternehmen versucht, den französischen Markt zu erobern, steht es vor einem großen logistischen Problem: den Lieferzeiten.

Bevor Sie dem Rakuten Fulfillment Network vertrauten, betrugen die Lieferzeiten von Dreame 7-10 Tage. Laut McKinsey geben jedoch 44 % der Käufer an, dass sie nicht länger als zwei Tage warten möchten, um eine Bestellung zu erhalten! Um den gesamten Logistikprozess zu beschleunigen und zu vereinfachen, trat Dreame dem Rakuten Fulfillment Network bei.


5x schnellere Lieferung: von 10 bis 2 Tagen, von China nach Frankreich!

Umsatz multipliziert mit 10: Dank attraktiverer Lieferzeiten kaufen französische Kunden leichter ein, was den Umsatz des Unternehmens deutlich steigert.

Sichtbarkeit multipliziert mit 200: Durch den Verkauf auf unserem Marktplatz hat Dreame Zugang zu mehr als 13 Millionen verbundenen Kunden. Dies erhöht seine Sichtbarkeit sowie seine Glaubwürdigkeit und Bekanntheit.

Möchten Sie einen schlüsselfertigen Logistikservice für Ihr D2C-Unternehmen in Anspruch nehmen? Treten Sie in die Fußstapfen von Dreame, um Ihre E-Commerce-Träume Wirklichkeit werden zu lassen.


62681 Postings, 7145 Tage LibudaStrong market growth and strong market-position

26.05.24 22:13

And now the forecast or what we expect for the future. Now 2010, that's 14 years ago, the cashless ratio, in Japan was 13.2% or so. But now it has come or close to 40% penetration. And at the end of the day in the future, maybe we will be on par with the Western countries, 70% or 80% cashless payment ratio is expected. And if you look at other markets, Rakuten credit card, cards and Rakuten Bank, debit card included, QR based or barcode based Rakuten Pay. Is there as well Rakuten Point, Rakuten Edy and Rakuten Cash? These are the different payment methods that we offer.


62681 Postings, 7145 Tage LibudaRakuten Mobile Employee Referral Campaign

27.05.24 08:35
Earn Points with the Rakuten Mobile Employee Referral Campaign (Code: 2162)! Re-Contracts & Multiple Lines Eligible

May 16, 2024



62681 Postings, 7145 Tage LibudaOpen Telco and the Journey to Cloud Native

27.05.24 22:48
Fireside Chat - The Open Telco and the Journey to Cloud Native | Ft. Vivek Chadha

April 30, 2024

At Futurenet World 2024, Rakuten Symphony's Vivek Chadha joined Telenor's Terje Jensen for an engaging Fireside Chat titled "The Open Telco and the Journey to Cloud Native." Watch to explore the full potential of openness and what it means for operators and discover the benefits a cloud-native approach contributes to the journey.


62681 Postings, 7145 Tage LibudaRakuten's photoimmunotherapy

28.05.24 21:34
ASCO 2024: Rakuten’s photoimmunotherapy and Keytruda combo shows efficacy in HNSCC


62681 Postings, 7145 Tage LibudaRakuten Group's number of member IDs 2014-2023

29.05.24 13:17
Number of Rakuten members from 1st quarter 2014 to 4th quarter 2023 (in millions)

Published by C. Diep, Mar 1, 2024

In the fourth quarter of 2023, the number of member IDs registered at Rakuten amounted to almost 141 million. The most recent figure constitutes an increase of over four percent compared to the fourth quarter of the previous year. The Japanese e-commerce company is headquartered in Tokyo, where it was founded in 1997.


62681 Postings, 7145 Tage LibudaAI-Driven Capabilities to the Affiliate Industry

29.05.24 18:35
Rakuten Advertising's Affiliate Intelligence Delivers AI-Driven Capabilities to the Affiliate Industry

Wed, May 29, 2024

Product updates will help advertisers and publishers leverage automation, data transparency, AI and more

NEW YORK, May 29, 2024 /PRNewswire/ -- Rakuten Advertising, the leading global affiliate marketing network, revealed product and organizational updates to realize the company's Affiliate Intelligence vision. Focused on expanding the use of data and AI to aid human intelligence, Affiliate Intelligence is an ongoing initiative to stimulate growth in advertiser and publisher relationships with solutions that build on innovative insights and strong industry partnerships to enable exceptional campaign performance.


62681 Postings, 7145 Tage LibudaThe Copilot of Microsoft Bing about Open RAN

29.05.24 21:41
Certainly! Let’s delve into the fascinating world of Open RAN and its revenue projections for 2024 and 2025.

Open RAN Market Size and Growth:

The global Open RAN market size was estimated to be USD 1,647.5 million in 2022.

It is projected to experience a compound annual growth rate (CAGR) of 33.0% from 2023 to 2030.

Open RAN refers to a nonproprietary version of the radio access network (RAN) that allows interoperation between cellular network equipment provided by different vendors.

Operators can choose hardware and software solutions from various vendors, leading to reduced equipment and operational costs.

The O-RAN ALLIANCE, founded by major telecom players, aims to reshape the RAN industry toward more open, intelligent, and virtualized fully interoperable mobile networks.

Short-Term and Long-Term Projections:

In the near term, Open RAN revenues are expected to account for 7-10% of overall RAN revenues by 20242.

Despite current challenges, the long-term forecast remains optimistic:
By 2028, Open RAN is projected to constitute 20-30% of worldwide RAN revenues, a significant increase from the initial projection for 2024.
Operators are gradually integrating more virtualization, intelligence, automation, and O-RAN components into their RAN strategies.
North America is anticipated to lead the Open RAN market throughout the forecast period, while Europe is expected to double its share of Open RAN revenue2.

Virtualized RAN (V-RAN):
V-RAN progress is slower than Open RAN, but V-RAN revenues are expected to reach between $2 billion to $3 billion by 2025.

In summary, Open RAN is poised for substantial growth, offering cost-effectiveness, flexibility, and improved network performance. Keep an eye on this dynamic sector as it continues to evolve!


62681 Postings, 7145 Tage LibudaThe Copilot of Bing agree's with my opinion

29.05.24 22:11
The question of whether Rakuten is undervalued is a complex one and can depend on various financial metrics and market conditions. According to a document from Rakuten, considering a 5-year Revenue Compound Annual Growth Rate (CAGR) and the P/E ratio, Rakuten is suggested to be undervalued compared to other global and domestic peers. This assessment is based on Rakuten’s financial performance, including revenue growth and profitability in core businesses like domestic e-commerce and FinTech.  

62681 Postings, 7145 Tage LibudaNews from Rakuten Card

30.05.24 07:27

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