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62688 Postings, 7147 Tage LibudaKleiner Auszug aus Quelle in 250

02.11.17 13:02
June 11: 19 million User IDs

June 12: 74 million User IDs

June 13: 194 million User IDs

June 14: 375 million User IDs

June 15: 606 million User IDs

June 16: 784 million User IDs

June 17: 920 million User IDs  

62688 Postings, 7147 Tage LibudaVerunsichert haben könnten Meldungen über Split

02.11.17 14:14
der aber nur eine Neuaufteilung innerhab einen Bereiches der Rakuten-Gruppe ist. Rakuten schreibt dazu:

Impact on business results
No material impact on Rakuten Group consolidated financial results



62688 Postings, 7147 Tage LibudaViber is now clearly on the road to profitability

02.11.17 14:40

Our free voice and messaging service Viber is much-loved by more than 800 million users around the world and, since acquisition in 2014, we have been more focused on growth than on profitability, but in recent months we have made some changes. We decided to set in motion a series of big and small improvements, including hiring a new CEO and finding ways to increase revenue, not just on the telecommunications side of the business but in content, like advertisements and sticker sales.
Now it’s clear those improvements have had an effect. In the first quarter of this year Viber’s revenue was up 80% compared to last year – with much of the lift coming from content. The service is now clearly on the road to profitability.


62688 Postings, 7147 Tage LibudaAnother example of an innovative solution

02.11.17 17:38
Rakuten Global Express is another example of an innovative solution that combines Rakuten’s unique assets with its global network. The service is expected to further empower the overseas expansion efforts of thousands of Japanese merchants and help spread even more Japanese quality around the world.  


62688 Postings, 7147 Tage LibudaEtwas älterer Artikel, aber trotzdem interessant

02.11.17 18:03

62688 Postings, 7147 Tage LibudaSo extrem unterschiedlich war die fundamentale

02.11.17 20:27

62688 Postings, 7147 Tage LibudaUnd auch hier sicher nicht so extrem

02.11.17 20:30

62688 Postings, 7147 Tage LibudaOne trillion (1,000,000,000,000) points

03.11.17 08:34

Last month, Rakuten’s signature loyalty program, Rakuten Super Points, reached an extraordinary new milestone. In the 15 years since it was established, the program has given out a total of one trillion yen worth of points to its members – by today’s exchange rate, that’s equivalent to roughly $9.1 billion.

The Rakuten ecosystem boasts some 90 million user accounts in Japan alone, covering the vast majority of Japan’s online population. Each account automatically earns Rakuten Super Points with every transaction, essentially solving the problem of member acquisition.
Rakuten is all about membership

At its heart, Rakuten is a membership company that is focused on empowering its members, and Rakuten Super Points are at its center. Each and every one of Rakuten’s services owes a large part of its success to being part of the Rakuten ecosystem. And that ecosystem runs on Rakuten Super Points.


62688 Postings, 7147 Tage LibudaGaming with Rakuten

03.11.17 13:42
“Rakuten’s significant web presence and dedicated users make it perfectly positioned to leverage our technology to enter the mobile gaming market completely outside of the traditional app store approach,” said Michael Carter, chief executive officer of Blackstorm Labs Inc, which developed Rakuten Games with the Tokyo-based company.
The gaming platform is based on HTML5, the latest version of the language that powers websites, which allows for multimedia, graphic and gaming content to be delivered over the Internet.

Read more at http://www.thestar.com.my/business/business-news/...xFrLV4tM2OXSdm.99


62688 Postings, 7147 Tage Libudarakuten-launch-new-advertising-services-firm

03.11.17 16:46

62688 Postings, 7147 Tage LibudaNachhlobedarf

03.11.17 16:59

62688 Postings, 7147 Tage LibudaRakuten Marketing With 87% Business Growth

03.11.17 18:13
Rakuten Marketing Retains Industry Leadership With 87% Business Growth

Sydney, Australia, 9th August 2017 – Rakuten Marketing, the world’s leading performance marketing company, continues to demonstrate tremendous success after reporting an 87 per cent business growth. With integrated solutions spanning across affiliate and display, Rakuten Marketing maintains its dominance in the development of tactical, targeted approaches to best reach Australian consumers.

It has been a year of expansion, with the staff head count at Rakuten Marketing growing by 35 per cent and an expansion of the Singapore division announced in July 2017. The Singapore expansion will tap into the burgeoning digital advertising market, as forecasts have put online ad spend in Singapore to grow at a strong 11 per cent compound annual growth rate over the next five years, while spend throughout Asia-Pacific will increase 53%. Over half a billion dollars in sales have been made from consumers based in Asia, with partnerships growing by 170 per cent.

Overall, the Rakuten Marketing Affiliate Network grew by 66 per cent, with over $1 billion in publisher commissions paid out worldwide in 2016. A staggering 100 million orders were facilitated, demonstrating that Rakuten is continuing to move forward with growing momentum.


62688 Postings, 7147 Tage LibudaDie stärkere Monetarisierung von Viber

03.11.17 18:40

62688 Postings, 7147 Tage LibudaAuch Linkshare ist ein Rakuten-Unternehmen

03.11.17 18:45
Rakuten Marketing is the global leader in integrated marketing solutions. With offices around the world, our integrated marketing solutions span affiliate, display and search. Headquartered in San Mateo, CA, we have offices throughout the United States and in Australia, Brazil, Japan, Singapore, the United Kingdom, Germany and France. OUR MISSION Rakuten Marketing empowers marketers to transcend the conventional and achieve the full potential of digital marketing. We deliver data-driven personalized ad experiences that engage consumers – across screens, platforms and traditional publishers – and influence them to purchase. Our commitment to transparency provides consumer journey insights that allow us to continually optimize for performance.


62688 Postings, 7147 Tage LibudaViber to expand B2B services, customer base in CEE

04.11.17 22:00

Viber to expand B2B services, customer base in CEE in 2017

SOFIA (Bulgarian), February 14 (SeeNews)

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62688 Postings, 7147 Tage LibudaEverything you need to know about chatbots on Vibe

04.11.17 22:55

By Shreyans Parshwakirti
Developer evangelist | gupshup.io
June 7, 2017

As more and more businesses are looking to join the chatbot bandwagon to grow their reach and improve customer engagement, the real question still remains, “which messaging channel should we choose?”. Although there are many factors that influence this decision, one of them is the number of users on that messaging channel. One such messaging channel with almost 900 million registered users is Viber, providing a great opportunity for businesses to have greater reach to the customers.


62688 Postings, 7147 Tage LibudaThe most popular instant messengers in Russia

05.11.17 11:32

WhatsApp and Viber
06 March 2017
Russian users prefer WhatsApp and Viber. These messengers have been called the most popular among subscribers of 'Beeline'.

As reported the RBC, with reference to the statistics of 'VimpelCom', to each customer of the operator has 1.7 messenger, which is equivalent to the audience at 100.8 million users. WhatsApp is used by 68.7% of clients 'Beeline' Viber – 45,7%, Skype 38.3% Telegram is 7.5%.

WhatsApp was the most popular messenger among the subscribers of 'MegaFon', it was used by 47.6%. Share Viber totaled 39.7%, Skype is 17.9%. MTS has refused to allow publication of the requested statistics.


62688 Postings, 7147 Tage LibudaFC Barcelona launching own Viber Public Account

05.11.17 16:29
Starting today, FC Barcelona will be launching their very own Viber Public Account that will include exciting content for fans, a behind-the-scenes look into our team´s stars, and up-to-date news and content.


62688 Postings, 7147 Tage LibudaAmazon Trails Japanese Competitor Rakuten

05.11.17 17:34
Amazon isn’t giving up on Japan, despite trailing homegrown Japanese competitor Rakuten basically since it launched. The American eCommerce giant launched its books-only site in Japan in 2000 and has never quite gained an edge over Rakuten.

DI Marketing, an online marketing research firm, conducted a poll in April that found that 70.2 percent of digital buyers in Japan use Rakuten, versus 66.7 percent who use Amazon.


62688 Postings, 7147 Tage LibudaRakuten launches European commercial banking

05.11.17 21:35
Rakuten launches European commercial banking operations from Luxembourg
11.01.2017 - 17:20

Rakuten, the leading Japanese Fintech and e-commerce company, officially announced today that it will launch commercial banking operations in Europe from its Luxembourg headquarters.
Having set up its European headquarters in the Grand Duchy in 2008, Rakuten is set to significantly expand its operations by offering banking services throughout Europe.
Initially focusing on providing payment, deposit and loan services for merchants on the PriceMinister e-commerce platform in France, Rakuten plans to expand these services, notably to act as the banking platform for the businesses that make up Rakuten’s growing ecosystem in Europe, as well as offer banking services to new and high-growth Fintech businesses across the region.


62688 Postings, 7147 Tage Libudaasia-pacifict-rakuten-marketing grew by 87% YoY

06.11.17 08:50
Within the last six months/year, what stands out as the company’s major milestones?

It’s been a big year! Our Asia Pacific business grew by 87% YoY, our affiliate channel experienced 66% growth and we saw our display and retargeting business grow 88% YoY. On top of this we increased staff numbers by 35% and opened offices in Melbourne and Singapore. Globally we were voted the world’s best affiliate network for the sixth year in a row, paid out more than $1billion in affiliate publisher payments in the past 12months and facilitated over 100million orders for our advertisers.

Read more at http://www.adnews.com.au/news/...g-anthony-capano#9yovZo3H6ib6mvbm.99

62688 Postings, 7147 Tage LibudaFintech in Südostasien

06.11.17 09:14

62688 Postings, 7147 Tage LibudaEnorme Erfolge in China

06.11.17 11:40
Chinese customers shelled out more than JPY 1 trillion on Japanese merchandise during 2016 via cross-border e-commerce platforms, and Tokyo-based marketing research company Fuji Keizai estimates that the number is projected to more than double in 2019 to JPY 2.1 trillion.

One of the fortunate beneficiaries of this phenomenon is Japan’s largest online shopping mall Rakuten Ichiba. Their B2B2C e-commerce platform global and internet services company Rakuten—which also operates the popular cross-border site known as Rakuten Global Market—saw sales triple in 2017 compared to the same period in 2016.

The transaction amount in Rakuten Ichiba’s flagship stores hosted by JD.com and Netease Kaola has grown by nearly 20-30 times compared to 2016. Rakuten Ichiba has been the primary platform for cross-border sales and accounted for more than half of all international sales transacted through these various e-commerce platforms.


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